Biggest Internet Scams

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The Biggest Internet Scams may NOT be What You Would Think

The internet has created a lot of great opportunities for many average people to make a living, start businesses, promote businesses, or just create an avenue for additional income. It has also opened the door for many scams; in this article I am going to discuss some of the biggest internet scams.

First of all we need to define what a scam actually is, the term “scam” has lost its true meaning through excessive “term abuse” by the scammers themselves, and people that use it to promote affiliate products.

A scam is something that is designed to steal the victim’s money or personal information. It is theft by deception of anything that has monetary value, or can be used to steal something of monetary value. Time can also be stolen and is often used in some of the biggest internet scams.

In my eBook, the Codex of Money I explain how time is an asset. Basically time can be used as an asset or liability depending on how you use your time. Some of the biggest internet scams involve the theft of time.

An example of how time can be stolen would be in the area of research. Let’s say you find a product, service, or biz-op that you are interested in, so you do a Google search on XYZ Company. The first thing that pops up in your search is a YouTube video titled “XYZ Company scam, so you click on it thinking that they are going to give you good information about how XYZ Company is a scam.

The theft of time can be very annoying and is what I consider to be one of the biggest internet scams because it can be used in many ways by the scammer.

First off they are playing on your quest for more information about XYZ Company, so you click on their link to view the video. This gives them a “view” that not only increases their exposure to that video, but their whole channel. Many times the more savvy scammers will fill the first minute or so of the video with things to keep you watching without giving you any real information. This also helps their rankings and is a theft of your time making it one of the biggest internet scams.

Once you have viewed their video for a minute or so, one of two things may occur. They might come straight out and tell you that they do not know anything about company XYZ, but you need to check out company ABC. Others will go on to explain how company XYZ is a scam even though they have never tried or properly researched company XYZ just to get you to look at company ABC. All of this creates views to their YouTube channel and possible traffic to their website or an affiliate website.

This leads me to another one of the biggest internet scams, which are fake scam busters. Fake scam busters are a huge problem on the internet. The concept is basically the same as the time thieves mentioned above, but they are a lot sneakier.

Fake scam busters will write an article and post a video about how company XYZ is a scam, but really have no clue as to what they are talking about. All of this information sounds good to the average person just looking into company XYZ because they are usually very convincing. Most people do not have law degrees and understand little about what really constitutes a scam.

Many times these fake scam busters will flat out lie to you about company XYZ in order to gain credibility. Often these claims are backed up by people that make negative comments because of their own failure. I have discovered that people are far more likely to write a review and complain rather than write a positive review about something, but that is a topic for another day.

The motivation behind these fake scam busters is to drive traffic to their websites, promote their own products, or just create advertising revenue. All this is by gaining the trust of their victims; trust is a huge selling factor when it comes to any kind of business. It is done through psychological manipulation by playing on the emotions of the victim to keep them coming back to their website and reading their articles. This creates a following to their site and generates revenue through deceptive time wasting tactics, and why I consider fake scam busters to be part of the biggest internet scams.

I explain real and ethical marketing strategy that comes straight from my college marketing classes  in my Codex of Money eBook.

How to Avoid Fake Scam Busters

The best way to tell if a person is a fake scam buster is to research the person. Look for their qualifications and transparency of the individual. Do they have a law, or criminal justice degree? Do they have a business degree or any kind of formal education in marketing, communications or business?

Check out the person claiming scam, not just the article they wrote claiming scam. Research the reasons why these people are claiming that company XYZ is one of the biggest internet scams. If you cannot find anything more than a general profile on that person, then chances are that they are indeed a fake scam buster and a trying to scam you.

Do not forget to check out my other articles on real internet scams, I am a real Investigator, I do not just play one on the internet. I am here to help you, and I do not beat around the bush. Basictech Information Services is my business, and all of this is part of my business. I will answer all questions and I have a lot of valuable free information for the asking.

If you want to know about how to make money online or off, and avoid being a victim to the biggest internet scams, I encourage you to pick up a copy of the Codex of Money; it was written through scholarly material and research, not internet B.S.

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