Email Processing 4 Cash Scam?

Have you seen this ad about Email Processing 4 Cash?

Process Emails for CashOr one similar to it?

I am a REAL Investigator, and I have been seeing these for quite some time now, so I decided to check it out Email Processing 4 Cash myself.

The first thing I did was read the WHOLE sales copy for . This is something a lot of people fail to do before making any kind of judgment or decision.

After reading it; it became clear to me, the intent, the purpose, and method of this program. What they are selling is the Private Label Rights to this system.

The next thing I did was a search on “email processing 4 cash”. I came across several reviews about this system; so many in fact that I did not have the time to look at all of them.

What I did notice was fake scam busters claiming this is a scam, while promoting other scams like surveys and trial offer programs. These people would not qualify as a crossing guard.

I have a degree in Criminal Justice and this is a legal marketing system, keep reading I explain more on why email processing 4 cash is NOT a scam.

I also looked at the comments, and this is important. Among the reviews and comments I looked at, there seemed to be a even split between those that think it is a scam, and those that actually took an honest, logical approach to the program, and those people are actually working it, and making money.

I am going to start out with the posts and comments reporting this is a scam. Most of the negative posts I read were not from researched and tested conclusions, but a ploy to make you to think they are honest people so you will buy their scammy product. You can read all about this tactic on my IMBasics scam page.

The negative comments about email processing 4 cash were mostly from people that cannot spell, use proper grammar, and include expletives. Obviously they did no research at all, and were pretty much just speaking from their infinite wisdom.

The neutral posts and comments were logical, researched, and intelligible. These by the way are the types of postings I look for.

The positive comments; I do not need to get into that because these are the people using and promoting the program. Are they making money? I would have to say “yes” if they are doing it correctly. More about that on down this page. (videos).

My Conclusion on Email Prossesing for Cash

As a Private Investigator and Internet Marketer, I am here to tell you that email processing 4 cash is NOT a scam. I actually bought the program to check it out.

In order for something to be a scam there has to be one thing occur. You must have been taken advantage of in some way. Some sort of theft had to take place, whether it was your money, or personal information.

Here’s what you get when you buy the program;


What are you buying with the email processing 4 cash system? You are buying the PLR to that website (Private Label Rights), as explained above. The material is copyrighted, (I checked). They have also been in business since 2010 (this is recorded).

Whenever you have an exchange of product with no mis-representation of the product, (in this case the PLR to a website and all the materials), you have a legal transaction. A product can be anything. I could sell you a gum wrapper and as long as you know it is a gum wrapper, and you are willing to pay for it, it is a legal transaction. Please do not confuse this with the legality of MLM.

Now for the second point. You are not giving the seller any personal financial information, so there is no way they are just trying to steal your ID through email processing 4 cash. All payments are processed through 3rd party processors relieving the seller of any ID theft liabilities.

Another point I noticed in the negative posts and comments is about the program having no company information and/or support on the sales page. Again; they did not do the research. Once you join, you will have full access to the company, the resources and support.

The fact that there is not much information on the sales copy is because of “time wasters” and “tire kickers”, these are people that have a lot of questions, but no intention. I could spend all day everyday talking to, and responding to people who will never take action. Worse yet, they are too lazy to read, learn, or investigate things for themselves. If you have read this far, chances are you are not one of these people.

If the fear of losing 25 bucks has a person paralyzed, then they have no business even considering making any serious money online. Bottom line; it truly does “take money to make money” no matter what you do, even if it is just transportation to your J-O-B. My J-O-B, is right here in front of this computer, and I love it. My Codex of Money eBook goes into this further.

Update, 01/30/2015. Since writing this article, I can honestly say that I have made money with this system. It has not made me rich, but I have made my investment back many times over, and the marketing system can be used to sell just about anything effectively.

Email Processing 4 cash is NOT a scam

Check out the page here for more information. And BTW, I am offering additional support and resources for this program to help you succeed.

 An Honest Review of Processing Emails for Cash, (this girl speaks the truth)

Internet Marketing Basics

37 thoughts on “Email Processing 4 Cash Scam?

  1. An outstanding share! I have just forwarded this onto
    a friend who has been conducting a little homework on this.
    And he in fact bought me lunch simply because I stumbled upon it for him…
    lol. So allow me to reword this…. Thanks for the
    meal!! But yeah, thanks for spending some time to talk about this matter here on your blog.

      1. What kind of time frame are you talking about? I can teach you to make money with a small investment, but that depends on your investment.

  2. Was actually considering buying your ebook, then saw you endorse this email “processing.” Credibility = Gone.

    1. Bryan,

      It’s OK if you feel that way, $2.49 is not going to break me. There are a lot of bullshit programs, and fake people on the internet peddling that crap. That is why I doing this, not for the money, I make money in other ways. Google my name (Randy Baith or bus. name, Basictech Information Services), you will see what I am talking about.

      I was homeless, broke, and living in a tent in the woods from 2009-2012 from the housing collapse. The bankers got bailed out, I lost everything. Now I am in living the dream life here in the Philippines with my beautiful wife. Note: I DO NOT get a pension, SSI, SSD, or any government assistance.

      If you notice, my site is not loaded with cookie creating pop-ups and spammy advertisements. I am also not trying to get your email, or run you through a sales gauntlet. The Adsense is not mine, I would have to pay WordPress not to put it on there, because this is a free blog, only the domain is mine.

      This website is to only expose true scams, and confirm the legality of so-called scams. Email Process for cash is technically legitimate, and legal. I am NOT recommending it if you are looking to make quick cash.

      I had to buy it to investigate it. Since it IS legal, and I paid for it, I have it posted as legal, that is all. I will however tell you that I have made my money back several times, but nothing life changing. The most value I found in it was the lessons on marketing strategy. Apply that concept, and you will make money.

      I am glad you did not purchase my eBook, Codex of Money. I am in the final stages of edit and re-write for publishing on Kindle. Send me an email and I will send you a link for you to download the current version for free. I will also include the eBooks that I read to write the book. The Amazon version is a lot more detailed and extensive.

      I do not twist anyone’s arm to make money, I do not need to. I apply the principals I teach, I would NEVER sell anything that I have not tried, or would not do myself.

      Thank you for your comment, I hope to hear from you.

      1. I , know you don’t know me. But , I , saw your comment on a email processsing video. I , am young. And , I , Know many people call this a scam because they don’t make money off of it. They , just don’t wanna believe it. Or , their seller don’t provide them with the right info to help sell. Like , Rafael Fegueroa is a big name in email processing on youtube. And , I hear lots of people said he doesn’t help them like he says he does. And , he talks about god to help get his sales. I , was wondering could you give your recommendation to me. I , am young. And , want to make money. Will , this help me? What’s the best way you recommend to make money online other than this. And , would you recommend me to try this? I , am willing to be patient to earn. As , I know you get out what you put in. And , I probably will not be successful with this on the first day. Is , there any other non – filled scam ways I , can earn cash. Please , get back me and thanks.

      2. Bryant,

        Thanks for the comment, and the follow. I would like to invite you to read the comment reply I left the other day for another person. It should be just above/below your comment.

        My reply to him answers your question, but no, I would not recommend it for any type of quick cash or stable income. It makes me a sale or two every now and then, but nothing to brag about. I think it is pretty much played out.

        I have an Ebook, the Codex of Money, anyone that buys it now at $2.49 will recieve my new version free when I publish it on Amazon very soon.

        I can show you how to make money, but I will tell you it will take some investment and time, the more you have to invest, the quicker it will go. Do not concentrate all your efforts on making money online, if you live in America, you are better off working in a regular job, save your money, and learn, then you will have a budget when you are ready. Don’t get scammed, scammers love people that are looking for the “easy way” there is none, point blank. Check out my book, the new version has alot more in it, but the old one will give you some idea as to what I am talking about for now. Again, you will recieve the new version free after I publish on Kindle, maybe this week or next.

        I hope that helps, feel free to ask me anything.

      3. Ok , thanks for getting back at me. Is , the way you make money now a different way that hasn’t been shown? Like , is it not very known. And , what effort does it take? The book price is not bad. I , might buy. And , also. Is , it very effective?. That , anyone could do it?

      4. Bryant,

        It is very simple, please read over my blog, it states exactly what the book is. A mathematical formula for success. I make money many different ways, but here is a link to my other YouTube channel, it is all mapped out in my new version of the book. It is science, nothing more. In fact, you are probably going to think, “gee why didn’t I think of that?” It is used every day.

        I am in the process of putting together a program, it is comming out with the new codex book. Best advice, save your money. My program is not going to cost much, but you will need a little money in a bank account, at least $500, keep in mind, this is for you, not me. If you make money, I will make money. Then we are both happy. Check out my YouTube channel you will see how I make most of my money.

        I take a diffent approach to Forex, the Codex formula. it allows me to kill it in that market.

        The other guy I spent all that time replying to his smart ass comment never got back to me, he will most likely stay broke. Not because of not litening to me, but because of his lack of willingness and overall bad attitude.

      5. Lol. Ok , thanks man for replying. Will , do. I , hope to be sucessful soon. I , have the willingness , and effort to try.

      6. Thank you. I got myself hammered by a group on Facebook yesterday about EPS. My God it was disgusting and all about people getting on the bandwagon and following the leader(who did get himself a bit of advertising space)What you say is true about EPS and I am so happy I found your comments. It reminded me why I signed up a few months ago, yes I have made money BUT its what it has lead me to and no $25 any where, could give me what I am now sitting on the edge of with on Internet Marketing! I wanted to learn how to Market my Quilting Business and when looking, stumbled on EPS. The amazing new friends I have made, the opportunities I have seen is just awesome. At 60 years old, I stand to make
        more money than I will ever need all because this little programme opened up a new World and exposed me to those new opportunities.
        Thank you again Basictect and I will be looking at your book

      7. Thank you for the feedback, I can tell that you are of those rare people that has the ability to think outside the box. it is that ablity that separates the true entreprenuer from the rest of the crowd. Keep up the good work, and If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again for the comment.

      8. Hi Randy
        I’m really pleased I came across your review tonight, I have been in Email Processing for a while, you are correct, it does work and I’ve made a few hundred already, Ya Ya Services were excellent when I had some questions and needed a little help, this system to me is 1000% better than the $47 crap you see on-line where they upsell you $197 to get to the next stage and STILL NOT tell you how to make money, EPS does.

        I have kept this link for the those who can not be bothered to test it before they call it a scam, I always say, “There’s never been a Statue erected to a critic”….

        Really pleased to read things worked out for you, It’s no fun being broke, had my share of it.

      9. Thanks for the possitive comment. I am getting ready to make another video about this proving that it is not a scam. I have also seen a lot of people saying it is a scam, but have either been dupted by the fake sites, or are just trying to get others to buy into thier product. I find this in itself to be a scam because they are tricking others with mi-information.

        There is another one I use that is a bit different, but I have found that if you use the Eprosperity system in conjunction with it, more money can be made. The best part is it is less than 5 bucks.

        Use the eprosperity method and tools to promote this one, and you will make some money. Check it out here

    2. One thing not mentioned in your article is this tossing about of the term ‘pyramid scheme’. We hear it nearly as as often pertaining to this program as the very threadbare ‘AWESOME’.

      Folks, for your enlightenment, a $25 entry pyramid scheme is a very silly notion to anyone but the most naive goober. Entry to a genuine pyramid scheme would cost the new participant well into the hundreds of dollars. Ever hear of Mr. Ponzi? Do a search on Ponzi Scheme and learn how he operated. THAT was a pyramid scheme. THIS is PLR marketing, as already explained.

      Amway was for many years and probably to to this day still is vilified by the unknowing as a pyramid scheme. For less than a hundred bucks, including a beginner’s kit of products? Laughable.

      Not an Amway distributor. Am enjoying myself in the PLR world with EMP for cash. Ingenious concept. Thank you, Basictech, for your superb explanation.

      1. Thank you for your reply, and yes, this is more than just another scheme, it is a Marketing Course, and can be applied to any product. You should check out my other articles on MLM. MLM has gotten a bad reputation due to illegal programs. Thanks again for your reply, have a great day!

  3. Thank you so much for your insight! Great post! 🙂 I have been looking into this program for a short time now. I just heard about it and want to make some extra money.

    1. Thank you for the comment, I have a lot of material on making money online, most of it is free information that can save you a lot of time, money, and fustration. I think the most important part of that program is the marketing it teaches you. You cannot find a better simplified marketing strategy on the internet for 25 bucks. You can apply it to anything you chose to market on or off line.

      Those people that claim it is a scam, well, they will always lead poor, or mediocre lives because they do not know how to “think outside the box”.
      This is a perfectly legal system as I explain (I can prove it), I have made some money off of it several times over, but it is the other concept it teaches that has made the difference.

      Thanks again for the comment, and I am available to people that are serious, just ask, I will answer you. Thanks

  4. a question – in the ‘honest review’ video above, the lady seems to indicate that she has a ‘team’ of people working on this — does that mean you need to sell this scheme to your friends? Is this some sort of ‘pyramid’ scheme? It also says it works even though you don’t live in America. I am in Australia and want to know whether the same benefits (ie: sales) are available here too?

    1. Thanks for the comment Russ, no you do not need to sell this to your friends, and it is not a pyramid scheme. I explain how this works, and why it is perfectly legal in the article. Basically you are buying and selling the Private Label rights to a marketing system. It is legally copyrighted material and can be used as a strategy to sell just about anything on or off line. This can be used no matter the country you live in, it is a training program that is not just limited to the sale of the program itself. I am a P.I. with a degree in Criminal Justice and an online marketer with college credits in marketing, this is a legal and viable marketing system. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask, thanks

      1. Thanks for your prompt reply. A further point — I came across this blog when researching Emails 4 Cash after getting an email which states I can get a once-off do-it-now reduction in the cost of the ‘product’ (normally $139 – yours now for just $69.95!!) THEN I follow your link where it states the product is available for just $25!) I assume yours is the same as Emails 4 Cash (certainly the copy points to it) – so what gives?

      2. You’re welcome, you happen to catch me working on the site, those others are trying to rip you off, it is a common marketing tactic to offer a high price then reduce it to create urgency for you to buy. There are also many copy-cats of this system, like I said, this is legally copyrighted material, and unfortunately there are way to many unscrupulous people out there and many have given legitimate products a bad reputation. This is common for network marketing programs, some will tell you anything to sell a program or product. This is a huge problem in many ways and why I started this blog. Fake scam busters really piss me off, most are promoting scams themselves and would not qualify for hall monitor. Like I said, you can use the marketing strategy to sell anything you wish and not just that system. I only have my review on this blog and have made my money back several times over. best thing is to have your own blog, then monetize it with your own products. I am here if you need any more assistance, I hope this helps, thanks

      3. Thanks for your sage advice. I will purchase from you at the $25 cost — the other site offers a wad of ‘give aways’, but for ‘proof of concept’ I’ll run with the $25 cost. Thanks again for your help and thanks for your offer of more assistance if I need it!

      4. Thank you very much, I did not say anything about this because I did not want to appear to be “selling” you, but all that purchase this program from me get a free copy of the codex of money. This will help you greatly in all aspects and it is easy to read. Please check your email for the download link, and if there is anything else I can help you with, like your domain, please let me know, but my suggestion to you is to start a free blog and create a page that you can redirect the program through. Just let me know, I have a lot of free information available. Thanks again, and look for my email with the download link for the Codex of Money.

    1. Thanks for the comment, please keep in mind that this method can be used to market anything, I mostly use it for the marketing strategy. If you have any questions, or need any assistance, please feel free to ask. I give alot of information for free and have several tools to asist you. I also have a special bonus for all that purchase this program from me. I am the only one with this product to help you better understand how to make money (I wrote it). Thanks again for the comment.

      1. Thanks for the comment, I am glad to hear that you are having success with this. Are you also using the marketing plan to market other things?

  5. If you buy a box of Wheaties, will you be able to play like Michael Jordan Just because his face Is on the box? Obviously not. The Email Processing System can make you a lot of money depending on the experience of the person who wields it. I work from home so I am making decent money with it because I know what to do BEYOND the directions given to market this product. If you are simply a weekend internet warrior you will get different results. Will you make money? Yes! You will make money as long as you follow the simple directions. In fact I turned it into 2 online businesses. The second is I have a website where I use The EPS to train weekend warriors. Is it worth it? Yes. What I learn in 6mo of working online will take weekend warriors 2-3 years to figure out. These Fundamental truths that I teach can be used with any online business.

    1. Thank you for the comment, that is exacly what I have been saying. Look at the marketing system and apply in many other areas. You can make money with it.

    1. Hello Carol,

      No, there are no upsells, although if you are not quite into website creation there is an option for having your site set up and hosted for a one time fee of 10 bucks.

      Also, if you purchase through my link ( I will give you a free copy of the Codex of Money. This is my ebook, and there is no other like it. I explain how I make money in many different ways, and these things do not cost anything to start making money.

      I am also a real person and will help you any way I can. thanks

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