Micheal Obama for President?

Been saying this for a while, they will run Biden till months before the election, he will be declared incapable of the office, Kamala will take over for the remaining months, Michael will be nominated to run, they will cheat and MO will be the President, watch and see

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1964 Civil Rights Act Canceled

Joe Biden cancels the the 1964 Civil Rights Act by executive fiat. In 1964, Congress passed Public Law 88-352 (78 Stat. 241). The Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Provisions of this civil rights act forbade discrimination on the basis of sex, as […]

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lffcard.com Scam

I received a text from my bank to verify a charge of $69.90 from lffcard.com. I don’t know anything about that charge or site, so I declined it. Upon further investigation starting with the website itself, I found a huge red flag right from the start that lffcard.com is a scam. In order to gain […]

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Facebook Censorship

We all know about Facebook Censorship of conservative posts. This goes deeper than that and we need to fight back. Has your account ever been restricted? Mine has been restricted several times. Mostly for pointing out the truth (nothing nasty) Just pointing out the truth to some of the trolls will get your account restricted. […]

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Handy Pro Review

This Handy Pro Review is an honest sub contractor account of services by Handy.com Please note that further into this article I am going to discuss a very unfair practice of Handy and one you may want to consider before doing any jobs for them. If you want to look at it now, scroll down […]

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Craigslist/Human Trafficking

Craigslist is one of the foremost places for job searches, but I have found that among the scams, there are also Craigslist/Backpage Human Trafficking advertisers. Please allow me to explain this. As many of you know I spent a few years living in the Philippines, and I have tried to help the Philippine people avoid […]

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Flag Burning Free Speech

Is Flag Burning Free Speech, or an Illegal Act? People are burning the American flag like it is nothing under the protection of “Free Speech”. Committing arson, or at minimum violating local laws against randomly setting fires in the street is illegal in most cities and counties. This has got to stop. Burning flags, Bibles, […]

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