Facebook Censorship

We all know about Facebook Censorship of conservative posts. This goes deeper than that and we need to fight back.

Has your account ever been restricted? Mine has been restricted several times. Mostly for pointing out the truth (nothing nasty) Just pointing out the truth to some of the trolls will get your account restricted.

This is not necessarily Facebook doing this. There are trolls out there that have every intention of blocking as many conservative voices as they can, so they will spew some non-sense in a comment, and then when you reply, they will report you for harassment and/or bullying.

If you check their profiles you will find that they have little to no content, and you can tell they are fake. Ex: no American likes a half dozen NFL teams at once.

You can look for clues like no information on the “About” page, very few friends, or generic posts about current Political events.

Here is what you can do, or not do.
Block them or report them for bullying and/or harassment. It is that simple.

Please do this, it is a way to fight back!!

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