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Links to Helpful Resources Webutation 100%

Federal Trade Commission (FTC), this is were you can go if you feel you have been scammed, or just want to check on something before you get involved.  IC3 is a government internet complaint hub. If you have just been flat out scammed or ripped off, this is another place to go. They work closely with the FBI and The Center for White Collar Crime.  FBI, find out here if they are what you need

Better Business Bureau This is a good place to complain, but they are NOT the police, they are a private organization that may help you recover some lost funds. To have an impact on those who scammed you and shut them down, you must file a complaint with the FTC.

Links to other scam reporting sites and forums  Great Site Here, check to see if your program has been reported as scam The information here is a bit dated, but it is the same old bag of tricks

Main website to contact me or use the contact form below, thank you.

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