200 Cash Hack/Scam/Review

It has been a while since I wrote a product review, so today I am asking; is the 200 Cash Hack a scam?

I have been into Internet Marketing for a few years now, and it is not what it use to be. The Internet Gurus and scammers have worn out a lot of the methods used to market products and services. I could write a whole nother article on this topic, but I am going to focus on one major issue that the 200 Cash Hack System/scam/review addresses, and that is getting traffic to your offer.

Google has gotten extremely expensive to use, almost to the point that it is hardly worth it anymore to run a Google ad, so alternative methods to advertising and getting traffic are “hot items”. The focus of the 200 Cash Hack system was addressing the quality traffic issue for my own products, and was the sole reason I bought this program.

This is a screen shot of part of the sales page.200cashhach sp

Now I am wasting more time writing this 200 Cash Hack/Scam/Review because it did NOT deliver as promised. They are selling the same old re-hashed Internet Marketing Basics information that can be found on the internet for free with a little effort.

The “Free Traffic Hack” is a program that you install on your computer called Desktop Lightning. It is basically a network of contacts collected from your social accounts. Then as your contacts sign up, and their contacts sign up, a 15 tier network is formed that you can blast notifications to. Yea, that’ll work lol, and BTW, it is not free if you want the best results.

I am not going to go through the myriad of unfulfilled promises in this 200 Cash Hack/Scam/Review, but I will say this; it is nothing but one huge sales pitch for other products and services with basic information only.

As I have stated many times before, selling information is not illegal. It is done all the time, what makes it a scam is violation of “truth in advertising law”. I am not going to get into that right now because it is a vague law covering a broad spectrum of international laws, so it is hard to define or even prosecute.

200 Cash Hack Scam/Review Pros

  • Newbie friendly: If you are new to Internet Marketing, this does have some value in saving you time by learning the basics all in one course
  • Sorry, but I only found one “pro” for this product

200 Cash Hack Scam/Review Cons

  • After purchase, this product takes you through a gauntlet of up-sells and down-sells. I thought I would never get through them all
  • The “free” stuff is NOT free, or there are upgrades that you must buy in order to get full value or usage
  • The tutorial videos are not very good, and they are not really “watch over my shoulder” tutorials as advertised. They are also filled with basic information that everyone knows, or can find out for free. How to upload a YouTube video, really?
  • One of the Free Bonuses is a course that he produced called “The Coffee Shop Method”. This is the same product, only with a slight variation of the 200 Cash Hack.
  • Support, it has been 2 days now, I have not heard from them, much less got my money back

Overall, for the 200 Cash Hack scam/Review, I would have to say that if you are at all experienced in Internet Marketing it is not worth it. The “Holy Grail” of traffic sources is definitely not included.

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