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I am writing this internet scams report as an update to

Since I created this site, I have come across many internet scams. In fact there are so many it is hard to keep up with them all. I have also noticed the term scam is often misused and mis-categorized. So much in fact that it has actually lost its value.

What is the definition of scam? A fraudulent or deceptive act or operation. To deceive in order to take from someone (usually money) but it can be personal information (ID theft) or theft of product or service. Its always a good idea to have identity theft protection.

I see a lot of people crying scam, when they have lost nothing, or have lost due to their own lack of ability to follow through.

This meaning people that buy into something, do nothing with it and fail. Then cry scam because they cannot get their money back. Tip; always read the terms and refund policy before purchasing anything.

One constant that I say are video postings on YouTube. People often post a video about something claiming it to be a scam, than actually admitting they have not tried or know nothing about that product. This then leads to a pitch about their own product. To me, these people are also promoting internet scams, even if the product they are promoting is not.

Another one I see is a simple Google search on a product yields something like this on the first page “product x is it a scam? Do not buy until you read this” Click on it and it takes you to a sales page or a copy of the sales page for the product. Again, these people are themselves scammers because they have just stolen my time by deception.

This brings me to my second point on internet scams. Google has made several algorithm changes over the past few years. These were done to improve user experience by providing quality relevant content in their search queries. So why is it these people are making the first page with duplicate content? Not only is it duplicate content, it is multiple duplicate contents with no real informational value.

I would be interested to see if anyone has any ideas on that subject. If you come across anything you feel might be a scam, just leave a comment with your question. I answer all my comments.

This leads me to comment spam. When are people going to learn that this tactic no longer works? Technically these are not internet scams, but they are really annoying and have made it difficult for honest people to get backlinks. If you have bought into a program that promises to give you a lot of backlinks, then you have been scammed. Most likely they are spamming blogs and websites with bots. Not only is it ineffective, it can really damage you sites reputation making it really hard for you rank well. In other words it not only defeats the purpose, but can set you back in your efforts.

I guess that is my rant for now, below are some videos I posted about these issues.

This first video is about Insured Profits Scam, I demonstrate how these people get scams on page one of Google.

This next video is a perfect example of the bait and switch internet scams as I described above. He is correct about Insured Profits being a scam, but it is clear to me that he actually knows nothing about it or even how binary options work. Then he goes on to tell you about a trial offer scam. Technically trial offer programs are not internet scams, but they should be outlawed. Watch the video and you will see what I am talking about. You only need to watch about 2 minutes of it.



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