Facebook Millionaire System Scam/Is Facebook Hiring?

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Recently I have seen many advertisements claiming Facebook is Hiring, the Facebook Millionaire System scam is one of them. Work at home scams are rampant.

Facebook Millionaire System Scam
Click for Facebook Millionaire Scam video

I have seen this advertisements on many reputable websites. If you have seen the advertisement to the right and have considered trying it, don’t, it is a scam people!

I am not sure, but it probably contains information on how to market and advertise on Facebook. This is information that can be obtained for free on Facebook and you do not need to buy the Facebook Millionaire System scam to learn how to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook is more than happy to help you with advertising your product or service. Facebook is not hiring, at least not through this scammy product.

Now that I have already told you about the Facebook Millionaire system scam, there is not much point in expanding on it, although there are a couple more things I would like to include in this post that I think you should be aware of.

I have notified the websites advertising this scam and others, I have yet to receive a response. Evidently they do not care about their users. It seems to me that they are only concerned about the advertising revenue. I would think truth in advertising law would apply.

It is for this very reason that I do not put Adsense or any other advertising venue on my websites. Think about this for a moment, it is common sense to me. Someone visits your blog and they love your content. This builds trust. One day they are on your blog and see an advertisement for something they are interested in. They click and end up buying that scam. Who do you think they will blame for getting ripped off?

You have now lost at least one reader, potentially more after they get on the internet and start posting about how you scammed them.

The only exception in advertising on my sites is this website. It is a free WordPress blog that I upgraded. They want me to pay them close to 100 bucks a year not to advertise on this site. If I want to change my hosting and keep my domain name it is more money. They have me over a barrel so to speak. Had I known this prior to creating this blog, I would have chosen another route.

About the “Truth in Advertising Act”

Truth in advertising law is a complex topic. Many variables apply, so I will not get too much into it at this time. The Truth in Advertising Act has been a progressive law that has been expanding throughout the years.

It is designed to give consumers protection against fraud and abuse with deceptive advertising tactics. This is not always the case. Like I said, this can be very complex and covers a wide variety of industries and commerce. As we all know, Congress takes forever to get anything done. These laws are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Companies skirt these laws in many ways from technical loopholes to linguistics, the Facebook Millionaire system scam is a perfect example. Some of these laws can be State specific, what cannot be done in California may be done in Ohio for example.

This leads me to one assumption. The internet is a global community. Most countries have their own advertising laws, but they may not be as strict as ours. They may also be directed towards other issues. It seems to me that it would be difficult for the FTC or Congress to regulate advertising on the internet. After my recent research, it is clear to me that they are doing little to solve this issue. I think one small effort such as requiring companies to check on these advertisers before letting them advertise. It is a very complex and sticky situation, after all it does not matter if it is a scam, Google and others are still getting paid for advertising things like Facebook Millionaire system scam.

The agenda for 2014 is a Bill they are trying to pass to regulate Photoshopping. Mostly concerning pictures of women. Really? Have they received a lot of complaints from men? “She didn’t look anything like her picture”. I am being a bit sarcastic here, but come on, really? There are many other more important issues to address. One that comes to my mind is holding Politicians accountable.

Politicians can legally lie to the public. I would think that because our government is a corporate entity, they should be accountable to the same laws. I doubt Congress will ever pass any law holding them accountable for the lies they tell to get elected. Anyhow, that is a topic for another day, I’m ranting so that means it’s time to stop writing.

Be careful of the things you buy on the internet like the Facebook Millionaire system scam, the government is not on your side, and many “trusted” websites cannot be trusted.


Randy Baith


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