Kino Krash Outsourcing LTD Scam

Is Kino Krash Outsourcing LTD a Scam?

Job ScamRecently I have been searching for ways to make some extra money writing, and did not take me long to find the scams.

I am also quickly finding that there is not much money in it, at least if you are just starting out. They want quality writing at 3rd world pay rates, but that’s another topic.

I applied to a writing job on for a company called KinoKrash Outsourcing LTD.

A guy called me about the job and agreed to a premium price of 3 cents a word. He sent me a Word doc. of the guidelines. They looked professional enough, but one of the things that it mentioned was to check their site to make sure you are not writing about something that has already been written. Instead of providing a link, it just said to Google it. OK, fair enough, not all computers will pick up a hyperlink on a Word doc.

Here’s were the problem started; I could not find a website for them. That led me to further investigation, but I would have investigated further anyhow.

I sent the guy an email addressing this issue, along with a mention that he said nothing about how payments were to be made. Below is a copy of the email I sent. Please keep in mind, I did not want this guy to know that I was on to him.


I received the guidelines, it sure is a lot of information, but as you said, I will not try to follow it to the letter. I will however do my best to adhere to it as close as possible. As promised, I will start today, but may not have my first list in till tomorrow. It is a lot to take in and I will not submit anything substandard to my abilities.

The guideline does mention checking their website for examples to make sure you are not writing about something that has already been written. This may sound a little strange, but I cannot locate a company website. Can you provide me with a link?

One more thing that we did not get a chance to talk about. What is the payment procedure?

Thanks Again,

This is Kino Krash’s response;

Our company website closed due to financial issues. The company is my sponsor, you work for me technically. I know that those guidelines are extensive, but as I said previously, you don`t need to be on point. Also, you will be paid the Saturday of every two weeks by PayPal.

Really? Your company is so broke they cannot afford to maintain a website? He also provided me with no real information about the company. Yea, I wanna work for them.

Here’s What I Found Out About Kino Krash

No website to look up or evaluate

KinoKrash is a username for an anime junkie.I am not an anime fan, but I think Kino is an anime name. I did not waste a lot of time searching that one.

Kino Krash has an incomplete profile for a writer on Freelancer. It’s nothing more than a name (KinoKrash) and a few “qualifications.”

The phone he called me from was a cell phone in Memphis Tennessee. He did tell me were he was located.

Kino Krash has many online writing jobs advertised on the internet.

Here are some other “red flags” on KinoKrash;

The guy was not very professional on the phone, although he seemed nice enough, he did not seem to be well organized

He had a Yahoo email address (very unprofessional). If you want to be professional, do not use Yahoo as an email address.

He did discuss price terms, but mentioned nothing about the payment process. This could have been a common oversight on his part, but again, not very professional.

Here’s the big one; he said his name was Brandon Lee. Coincidence? Maybe, I have known many people that had the same name as actors, but you already know what I got when I Googled that name.

I am sure Kino Krash Outsourcing LTD is a scammer trying to get content that he will get paid for.

Do the math. He said that payment was through PayPal every two weeks. By that time he would have plenty of work to sell from most likely hundreds of victims. Even at $3 per article, he stands to make a huge profit.

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