Legalshield Scam Review

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The purpose of this page is to give a Legalshield scam review, and give the reader an unbiased assessment of Legalshield.

It is not my objective to promote any business, although I do have a few of my own products and websites advertised here. Please read my terms and conditions for more information.

Anyone who has taken the time to read my posts knows that I am not a “hater” of the Network Marketing business model, but I also make it perfectly clear as to the difference between a legal Network Marketing company and a Pyramid Scheme.

A couple of the most important things to remember when considering these businesses is the focus and the product. Is the focus on the product or the recruitment of people into the business? If the focus is on recruitment, then it is most likely a pyramid scheme.

Secondly one must consider the product or service. Does it have or create value? In order to have or create value, a product must meet certain criteria.

  • Is the product or service offering something that cannot be found on the common market, or is it just an overpriced version of something you can buy at any retail store?
  • Is the product or service something you can use? Does it create value to you?

Most all successful Network Marketers find value in the product first, and then build their business around that value. This has many advantages besides just the usefulness of the product or service to them personally.

One of the most important things is the fact that it is a lot easier to sell or promote something that you personally use and trust. With all that said; I am going to tell you about a legal Network Marketing company I have found value in for myself personally, and for my business. I am talking about a company called Legal Shield.

They are a legal direct sales company with a service that everyone can use. I know of no other place that I can have an Attorney available to me 24/7 for less than 20 bucks a month. I am not an affiliate as of yet, but I plan to be sometime in the near future.

The affiliate plan is an extremely affordable one-time payment. This covers your training and promotional materials, including your own website links and back office. I am not going to go into the details because the benefits are extensive, but I invite you to watch the video and click the link below the video for more information.

Codex of Money
Price $7.49, Click the Pic, Only $3.49!

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