Codex of Money-Money Making Formula

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What is the Codex of Money?



The Codex of Money is the mathematical formula for increase, and making money online or off line.

It is based on basic marketing strategy that can work in most any area of life. Apply it to find a job, find love, make money, increase your leads and sales. It can be used to increase every aspect of your life.

This is not the Law of Attraction, nor is it a self help course. I also not promoting any money making scheme. This is a legal marketing formula used by companies large and small every day, and it does not involve MLM.

With this money making formula, you cannot help but make money and increase your life.

What you will discover with the Codex money making formula

The Codex of Money is the scientific mathematical formula for increase. You do not need to be a math genius, it is actually quite simple.

Increase your leads and sales for business.

Find a better job, or create one for yourself. Discover tips on how to make money on or off line without getting scammed.

Find love, or just increase your life with this money making formula; bonus report on finding love without getting scammed on a dating site.

Discover why the Law of Attraction has NOT worked for you.

The “Law of Attraction” or the “Secret” is an element of Universal Law, not the whole law. No one can succeed in anything by only applying part of the solution. You can write down your goals, recite them every day, and wish to your heart’s content, but you will never realize the objective unless you apply the mathematical formula I have outlined in the Codex of Money.

Everything in life from our genetic make-up, to the galaxies in the universe has a mathematical formula. The universe and everything in it needs these formulas in order to exist. This is true for creating anything we have or do.

The Codex of Money is a quantitative scientific formula for increase, it is a formula that dates back to the ancient times, but it is NOT a “secret.”

Correctly applying the Codex money making formula will increase your life, and to do this we must make a conscious effort to apply it. Take control of the increase in your life by reading the Codex of Money today!!

Codex of Money

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