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If you are considering getting into World Ventures, you really need to read this about World Ventures scam truth.

I want to start out by saying that I am not affiliated with this company, nor am I trying to promote any other product or service. This is a public service post by request, please read my disclaimer.

World Ventures is an international company that was founded in 2005 by Wayne Nugent and Mike Azcue with offices in the U.S., Canada, and Hong Kong. They most recently expanded into Malaysia and are currently serving 25 countries. (This information was obtained from their website).

The first thing investigators do whenever researching anything is start with the obvious; in this case, I Googled World Ventures scam truth. At first glance I thought this was going to be easy, because all I saw were terms like scam, Ponzie scheme, do not buy, and lawsuits.

I would not be able to call myself a professional if I just read the cover and not the book, so I started clicking links and reading. I always find it amazing how many “experts” there are on the internet.

Another interesting thing I discovered while I was doing this investigation is the lack of knowledge out there about marketing. Again, everybody’s an expert, but they have no clue about World Ventures scam truth, even Wikipedia has this one wrong.

I uncovered this fact while searching for links to provide, instead of having to explain marketing 101. That is not the purpose of this post, but it is important to understand due to the legal issues involved. I will try to explain this in a nutshell.

Network Marketing and MLM are NOT the same thing. MLM is pyramid building to put it in simple terms. Some programs are legal, some are not. Find out if your MLM is legal.

Network marketing is whole different ball game. It is just as the name implies, to network or as defined by Merriam-Webster (to talk with people whose jobs are similar to yours especially for business opportunities or advice). Networking is a viable practice that we all do everyday. It is also known in the real business world as a form of “Buzz Marketing”.

Here’s the bottom line; network marketing is NOT multi level marketing, because you are building a network, not levels in a pyramid. This along with the fact they are a “direct sales” company makes World Ventures a legal and viable business opportunity. Direct sales meaning that one can buy the service without having to be a representative or distributor. Vacation memberships and packages are sold to the general public.

Now I am going to address some of the other claims that were made.

Is World Ventures a Ponzie scheme? NO, please excuse me, but that is just plain stupid and how that guy got ranked on the first page of my search is beyond me. This is also the same guy that is posting about lawsuits against the company. Let me clear this up right now, that guy is bogus. I am not going to get into too much detail here, but the links he provides are untrustworthy and the case numbers are non-existent.

What about all the other complaints? I am not going to get into all of that either, because in my opinion they are not worth my time. I already spent several hours reading negative review advertising and rantings of lunatics. I know that sounds a little crass, but when you write a 2000 word nonsensical essay that is all one paragraph about everything from how you deserve everything, got nothing, your Pastor and Jesus; yes, you are in my book, a lunatic. I know that was one long sentence, but try reading 2000 words like that, without the commas. Let’s face it, not everyone has what it takes to be a business owner.

Now on to something a little more positive. Checking with the Better Business Bureau, World Ventures currently has no rating. All this means is that they are not a member and there are NO unresolved complaints.

Checking with the FTC, there are no complaints filed.

What did I find impressive about World Ventures?

  • A first class website that is easy to navigate and very informative
  • Three vacation membership levels to suite just about any budget
  • They employ many people around the world (real jobs) and give opportunity to under developed regions
  • World Ventures gives back by supporting children and communities around the world making and leaving it a better place.

Other Findings

Part of every investigation includes an anonymous phone call to the company. World Ventures is easy to contact. I spoke to a customer service agent by the name of Chris. He answered all my questions promptly and checked with his supervisor on one question he was not sure about. Chris did not try to sell me and was very helpful.

I only had one issue with the call. They do not have a new customer button to push on the automated choices. I had to guess and pushed 2 in order to talk with someone.

World Ventures makes no claims or statements of getting rich or income potential. In fact, they are up front about their business and the work involved.

In Conclusion

I found World Ventures to be a stable well organized and managed company. If you are thinking about joining them as a business venture I am going to give you one piece of advice. As with any business venture, make sure it is right for you. Do your research and find out what it takes in time, effort, and expense, as any good business person would do for any business venture.

I hope this report was helpful, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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73 thoughts on “World Ventures Scam Truth

  1. Dear Randy,
    I appreciate your unbiased investigation and I was right where you are before I decided to join World Ventures. It is true that a lot of the negative things you read on the internet seem like crazy ranting. The truth is that you cannot really know if World Ventures is a scam unless you become involved for a period of time. I did not see the signs of a scam until I was about 3 months in and $700 invested. I learned through personal experience that many reps are misrepresenting and flat out lying about the travel products and services the membership is providing. There is a lot of fine print that is almost impossible to find. I am not sure that I would call it a pyramid scam, but I found out it is not what they say it is. I believe it lives in the gray area between MLM and pyramid scam. My advice to you if you really want to know the truth is to sign up and try to make money and use the product the way they say you can. You will find out!

    1. Thank you for the comment, I always like hearing from people that have actually experienced the programs I review. My investigation was primarily on the legality of World Ventures and I found that it is a legitimate Direct Sales Company. With that said, I would like to invite you to read some of my other articles concerning the inherent flaws in MLM and why it is not the best business model. The biggest reason is there is no screening or application process. Anyone can get in and start selling. This attracts a lot of unscrupulous people selling the hype to unsuspecting people looking for a business they can work for little cost with huge returns. (I’m not saying that is you)

      Unfortunately I cannot get into all these programs to really check them out, I would go broke, and scam busting at this time is not paying me anything.
      I have been studying MLM since 1989 when it was still going through the mail. I have been involved in a few also. One must not get caught up in the hype and look at these things from a realistic perspective. Research is key, not only in the company, but in yourself, your abilities to be able to work at it, sustain it and grow it. As with any business, this takes time, patience, and a lot of hard work. Thanks again for your perspective, and please feel free to check out my IM Basics blog on internet marketing, it is free and you do not even have to sign up.

    2. Stacy,
      I am sorry to hear that you had a bad experience. It is up to us reps to help our persons we bring on board to properly educated about the product. I have come across things over my time as a member and get it out to my people right away. We have meetings weekly to go over things and train new members. If you are still a member I would like to help you out.

      1. I am really not sure what you are referring to, I am not nor have I been a member. Bad experiences in these things are usually a result of people not doing their research and failure to understand the business and the amount of work and commitment involved. Thank you for the comment.

      2. Just like AnnMarie, we have meetings 3 times per week, which includes presentations to prospects and then immediately following we train – new people and people that are already on our Team. Due to the transparency laws that are now in effect, that information of average earnings is handed out during the presentation. Each prospect that is seeing the presentation IS given the form to take with them and also view in on the screen. I love the company, it has given me a whole new outlook on life – opportunity to travel, make new friends, and make money for when I retire. I love World Ventures!!! 5 Star all the way..

      3. That’s a huge problem with WV. They let any idiot train their downline (and sadly, very few people get to choose who is in their up line when they sign up, so they don’t know if their getting a good, compassionate mentor, or someone who doesn’t care because they already got you signed.
        If WV was a reputable company, they’d have a training program that trainers must pass before dealing with new recruits. It isn’t up to other reps to police bad up line, it’s WVs responsibility.

    3. In our country, people who are WV members have enjoyed many WV holidays. They return full of life and only have good reports. Hard work pays off. WV is not a get rich quick scheme. You actually have to work hard to reap the rewards. Hello 😊 👍..Gavin

    4. What is that suppose to mean? I am simply providing information reguarding the legality of this company. It is a legally registered company with the DSA, and well within the boundries of the direct sales marketing standards set by the FTC.

      I DID NOT get paid to endorse World Ventures, nor am I affiliated with them. Please read the article, and my Terms before you start passing judgement about me or my writing.

  2. I love your report. I am a WV rep and have been for about a year. I was not sure on joining but my husband wanted to. So we did and we have a great group of people that we all work together. We have done a few great vacations and great prices. I can say I have earned all my money back thru bonus and trips. It is just like anything else you get back what you put in. Trust me I am not living the luxury life but we have something that does not cost us any money. We still work the product and some will and some won’t.

    1. Thank you for the comment. It sounds to me that you have the right attitude for these types of businesses. there are certain things one must consider before entering these businesses. First of all, you must find value in the product. Second, realize that you are not going to get rich over-nite as with any business. Third, have fun meeting new people and working the business. I have one that I use, it is useful to my business and personal legal needs. Were else can you have an Attorney at your call 24/7 for 20 bucks a month? Great attitude!!! I wish everyone had the same, maybe their would not be so much hate. Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with, I am into many things and have a lot of business resources, most are free. Have a great day!!

  3. Everyone,
    Good evening, my girlfriend and I were thinking about joining, she for the shopping and vacations and me for the business aspect of it. I am no stranger to hard work and know that any dollar I make I am happy with but am honestly not banking on an income from this. You wrote that WV has NO rating with the BBB? I read that they had a “D” and worked their way up to a “C” rating. So was the whole BBB rating a lie?


    1. Saul,
      I try to keep reviews as fair and unbiased as I can, but I am also the type of person that will put it out there as I see it. Working the business as a secondary reason for joining is the right attitude. The main thing to remember is that these types of businesses take time to build as with any other business.
      As far as the BBB rating, it seems they are constantly changing their minds, but they do not take down their older posts. At the time of writing this, they had no rating. I am aware of this discrepancy, but if you read on into my other posts, I do not put a lot of stock in the BBB. They are a private organization and any organizations or company can “join”, giving them preference. If your business is not a member, then unless you have complaints against you, they give no rating. It is a fact that people rarely go to these places to make positive remarks, and their is also a lot of complainers in this world that feel someone owes them for their failure. I am not saying this always the case, but I have seen a lot of it my time. I hope that helps

    1. Thanks for the comment, I read the articles. I have a Criminal Justice degree here in the States, I am unfamiliar with the laws concerning these matters in foreign countries. The extent of my investigation is limited to the United States and WV is a legal direct sales company in the U.S. Thank you again for the information.

  4. I was approached about joining WV today. I am still a little skeptical about the business aspect of things but the idea of a paying a membership for the extreme discounts on trips is appealing. I’m still doing my research. Perhaps I’ll join, not as a rep, and consider becoming a rep at a later point. Thanks for the post. It really makes sense of things.

    1. You’re welcome, and thank you for the comment. I think they would be great as a discount travel service, but I think you must weigh out how much traveling you plan to do (especially abroad). With so many discount travel services out there, planning ahead can save you a lot of money. I do not know how true this is, but I have heard that if you join them, you will often have to settle for their destination options, just something to consider. Thanks again for the comment.

  5. WV…I too did my research and it was very extensive. I tried not to go on YouTube or blogs to get one-sided opinions, but what I did do was call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and sadly I found that in the past 2 and a half years, they have had over 50 complaints. Its disheartening because I wanted to believe that I could get real discounts on this travel lifestyle. So I say to anyone who is thinking or planning on joining WorldVentures, DO YOUR RESEARCH! If your child came to you with an offer that sounded too good to be true, wouldn’t you want to further investigate? I say the same with WorldVentures. Tip of the Day: All that glitters is NOT gold!

    1. My opinion of the BBB is not that great, they are in themselves a scam. 50 complaints in 2 and half years is not all that bad. I will say this, you are correct in saying do your research. One must consider the value these things will create for them. If you plan to do a lot of traveling, WV might be for you, but as a business? I would have to consider the compensation. They make no promises of riches.

  6. My friends who I hadn’t seen for many years suddenly and urgently wanted to get together with me. I was honored, so I did. We managed to catch up on life, then they mentioned that maybe another time they could show me something they wanted to share with me. I said I had time, and got the WV pitch via laptop.

    I was tremendously excited, then went home and purposely sought out any critiques via the Internet to get both sides to the story. Then, my excitement turned to reality and truth: re-thinking income possibilities is one thing, selling something that is not a good deal is another. I just did some simple comparisons with other travel companies, where I would obviously not have to spend any money to become a “member” or other money on conferences, books, training materials, and there wasn’t a difference. It was so negligible and competitive that it amounted to an amazing waste of time and energy; it is a “legitimate business” that sells because there are highly persuasive people running it. Nothing more.

    The “spiel” also came off as a cultish: memorizing mantras to sell or rebut the public-at-large. Sure it’s nice to work on a “team” or go to conferences for your company. Why? We all crave relationships. We like to earn a living. Basic human needs. But when I read of those in WV who are excited about making back the money they ALREADY shelled out on their own, then I say: Who’s making the money off these folks? Why is getting back to a Zero-Balance something wondrous? Plus, who said making money in and of itself was always noble? Selling a product that is not a good deal to those who are too lazy or ignorant of competitive products is more like theft and deception. Money is not the only goal, is it?

    Greed is not all bad, but this kind is. And when old “friends” take an interest in me, only to drop off afterwards, I’m thinking it’s more of a religion than a business.

    No, thanks. Strike that: I don’t appreciate the offer in the first place.

    1. Thank you for the comment, and you are right about these things. My post here is not to sell it, I am just merely pointing out the fact that it is legal and I am in no way affiliated with it. My personal thoughts on MLM products is that it must be something of value to you. If you read my other posts you will see this. I am in legal shield, which is an MLM company. I am not doing it solely for the business, their service is of great value to me. The business is just an addition to my existing business.
      As for the other “great travel deals” out there, be careful. As a world traveler myself, not all these great offers turn into great deals. Some people that travel a lot know this, and having the security features that WV provides is well worth it to them. The value of WV is dependent on how much traveling you plan to do.
      The cult like attitude? Well that is part of MLM, some are psyched, and others are not. All salesmen have a “spiel”, and that is what these people are, sales people.

    2. I joined 12 days ago. My husband and I were told about this opportunity by my brother and his wife. We were excited because we do enjoy vacations and wanted the opportunity to take a “luxury” vacation at a heavily discounted rate. Once I got access to their vacation packages, I began comparison shopping with other sites – apples to apples – same hotels and even added the “special inclusive perks” that comes with WV packages. What I discovered was very disappointing because we really wanted to share something of value with our friends and family. There was not much of a difference in pricing. In fact many of the packages offered by other sites were several hundred dollars cheaper and if the WV package came out lower it was because of the points (that we paid for) were deducted from the total costs. Also, we were told by many of the reps that when we took vacations, it would be a tax write-off since we were in the business of selling this product. I’m not sure if that is true and we have posed this question to our CPA. We’re waiting to hear back. If that is true, then it might have some value. But if not, I don’t see any reason to keep paying towards monthly payments. I heard there was a 14 day window to get a refund.

      1. Thanks for the honest comment, I have heard many people discuss the same issue. I want to start out by saying that I am not affiliated with WV. My review is only from a legality perspective. The only program of this type I would recommend is legalShield, They have a product everyone needs at a reasonable cost, and if you want to get into the business it is a low one-time fee. This brings me to my other point. All of these things must create value to the customer. It is my opinion that WV would have value if you plan to do a lot of traveling. As far as finding other rates just as low or cheaper, I will say this, as a world traveler myself (I am currently in the Philippines) I have found the other discount price places to not be a discount at all. They will get you with extra fees and other “fine print” items, but like I said, if you plan to travel a lot, there may be some greater value in it. Please feel free to read my other posts on these things. As for the tax write off? Maybe some things, but you have to show that your trip was business.

      2. Hi, may I know if you did get the refund, and if you did, how did you go about doing it?

        Thank you.

    3. Conrad, had the same thing, but it was a niece that I hadn’t seen in 10 years except via Facebook. All of the sudden she wanted to have a great relationship, messaging me etc. When I said I was NOT interested in joining World Ventures she became very upset, asked if I thought she was a criminal, said that I was making her cry. I found out later that she had approached my college age daughter, who does not have the funds to join, and the niece offered to LOAN my daughter the money to get started. What the …….???? I thought I was dealing with a 16 year old kid, not a 32 year old woman. Her Facebook page only shows mutual friends, she has blocked all her other World Ventures friends from view. My new name for this company is World Vultures as either you join or you are dead to family that are members.

    4. I’ve been a rep for two years and it took hard work and alot of sweat but a little after a year of working for world ventures I quit my job at Dunkin Donuts. I’m a full time rep now and I travel with my fiance and toddler to places I could never imagine. Plus mind you, I JUST turned 21 lol

      This business saved me ..
      It’s unfortunate that you had a bad experience but it’s not really fair to convince others it’s bad just because you think so.


      And to be honest it’s not really about the money.. it’s about the memories and travels you take with friends and family .
      No-one ever has to be forced to be a rep. I was just a member of the club before I decided to become a rep.
      I did all my research . I even searched all complaints and studied them. Before I put any money invested I wanted to be sure ..
      I searched the same trips Dream trips offered on other competing free sites and I found that I was infact getting a great deal. Sure you may be able to find a trip to the same place cheaper. But you have to think about what’s included in dream trips. THAT’S where the deals come in.

      So trust me. DO YOU’RE FULL RESEARCH.

      If anyone has any questions or may be interested in learning more just contact me. Im always open to answering questions n keep things as blunt as possible 🙂

      1. Are you still getting paid?
        WV hasn’t been paying reps commissions, residuals or Dream car/house payments since October 2017. You’d have 8 months of Dunkin Donut paystubs (and the money in your bank), but with WV you have nothing, except their lame lies about “paying you next week”.

  7. I appreciate the way you explain things about MLM, pyramid scheme, specially WV….thank you…coz at the moment i really need clarification over things on like these, thank you..

    1. You are welcome, I try to make things as clear as possible without bias. The only MLM I recommend is Legalshield simply because it has tremendous value. Lets face it, we all need legal protection at some point in our lives. Thanks for the comment.

      1. Your friend “Ethan” doesn’t happen to be Ethan Vanderbuilt does it? He makes statements about companies being scams to get people to click on his page, thus garnering him income.

      2. Thanks for the comment.
        Yes it is the same Ethan, also, if you have read my posts, you will find that Ethan and I do not agree on many things. First off, I am a professional investigator, I do not just play one on the internet. I must stick to the facts as as they are presented in my research. This does not mean I am always right, but it does mean that I must be able to defend myself for liability. If you notice I do not say, “in my opinion”. That is wording that allows Ethan to just about anything he wants.

  8. Great read! i am from the Philippines and i am interested in joining WV. Hope to meet you here in the Philippines and enjoy your stay !!!!

  9. My husband got sucked into this… When he called me to tell me , I went berserk… Told him to immediately call and cancel any fees he had paid them… They make it sound like it is soooo easy to make a living, but the reality is far more difficult. People need to do their research before they fork over any money… And just because it’s legal, does not mean it’s a good company… I found a bbb rating also, that at the end of 2013 was an F… And it’s now a C…

    1. Thank you for your honest comment and you are right. These things are always not as easy as they seem. One must do the research, just as in any business. The whole idea was to explain the legality of the business, not to promote it. I am in Legalshield, but as I have stated many times, one must find value in the product or service. I use Legalshied for my business legal needs. It has great value to me. If you read my other posts, you will see my position on ML as a whole. Thanks R.Baith

  10. Hello all. I too was recently invited to join WV by close friends whom i trust, but who are NOT sales-minded or who have seller experience. I myself am in technical sales and have been for many years. I am very analytical and skeptical by nature, however bottom lines and numbers do not lie. I sat through the sales pitch via laptop by their “executive sponsor/mentor” and colleague who recruited them. I had many questions not only on the consumer side but on the business side. The business aspect is what would be intriguing to me. All of my questions were answered mainly to my satisfaction, except for the amount of time it took their executive sponsor/mentor to reach the level he and his wife were at. To put that in a bit of context he indicated that he has been a WV member and rep for six years, and that he and his wife enjoy a residual “passive” income of roughly $60-75kk annually. However he only continued to say that he never kept track of how much time he spent and only replied with the question “what value would you put on having fun and providing life-long family memories?” I pressed on with the notion that you have to be able to quantify your time against success. I think this concept was lost on him. He at this point would continue to press on through his spiel. And at this point he mentioned that at his level WV gives them rewards such as a monthly stipend of $500 to use towards any vehicle they want. They have put that towards a BWM, which btw is WV’s preferred “partner” company, and proudly sports WV’s emblem on the car.

    I am well aware that the rich and successful people of the world become that way by living outside the box in the business world through owning, starting and building businesses. Some successful and some failures. All of which takes time and hard work. And eventually with that hard work and learning what are solid, reputable, marketable and most importantly provide products or services that are well received and desired in the market space, can lead to multiple passive streams of income. To provide some obvious examples of those types of business people, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump and Carlos Slim, who have learned that spending your life trading hours for dollars as a W2 earner in a single job or career versus becoming a 1099 earner by owning multiple sole-proprietorship businesses ventures, is a recipe for success. Again, this comes with HARD WORK AND LONG HOURS spent building these up to fruition. I have myself started and failed at quite a few, but have never stopped looking for that successful equation.

    I also, despite my skeptic and cautious attitude while listening to this pitch, have done quite a bit of research on WV over the past week and feel that with hard work and the right mentality, WV’s MLM approach could bring in a secondary stream of passive income. This will take time and effort, and i know it will NOT make me rich, but the value of consuming the product paired with the business side is intriguing.

    I do have one other comment or question which is more on the legal side of things, which was what made me think twice about it all and give it a fair, hard consideration. And that thing was that if you decided to enter into the business development side of the equation, it was in essence your own company from that point in the pyramid on down. You owned it, it was tied to your SS#, and it is able to be transferred or willed. Most business owners know that you start a business in order to make it successful and build up its value to eventually sell it. That is business 101 so to speak. So my legal question is basically, is it true? Is it something that you own outright and can indeed sell or will it away later? For example to your children and so on?

    apologies for the long winded comment, however i did try to break it out into multiple paragraphs and utilize correct punctuation and grammar so as to not get put in your book as a “lunatic” LOL….i also left out pastors and Jesus, but that is because i am an atheist and a devout coward 🙂

    Good luck to all who have aspirations and drive to becoming either financially independent or who just wish to have fun building networks and enjoying a product that can be reconciled in their mind at having value.

    1. Thanks for the comment, one must consider the value of programs like this, I am in LegalSheild and use it for my business. As to the question, I cannot answer that one. State law varies, so it would depend on what state you are in.
      Thanks R.Baith

  11. Thanks Basictech news, this research is really good and enlightening. Really there are lots of negative comments out there. I just hope that jealousy or laziness should stop clouding the minds of people, as they become so negative about anything and everything that brings money to the table of others or their families? Yes, fly by nights have really killed trust in us all. Life is full of risks. I am happy that there are people like you who have interest in clarifying issues; that bother people or that make them skeptical to free themselves from debt bondage. An advice to fellow citizens, the problem with us is to expect a lot to happen within a short space of time with or without inputs given. Training is therefore a vital part in this kind of business that will help one to change the way he/ she view things. For any business, the strategy is to always aim high and when that does not happen one revisits his or her strategies and make changes from weaknesses and lessons learnt. Effort that goes with best strategies utilized can make one reap the rewards earlier whereas effort that goes with strategies that fail can make one to despair. Don’t despair, hang on there a bit longer with patience, learning from lessons learnt, reviewing your strategies, revisiting those that declined or did not have money or time then, whilst new others are introduced to the concept. That can make one reach the hugest rewards. You will be amazed to realize that even those that declined approach you having interest to join. Best of luck to those that take a decision to join a Travel MLM, see you on the mountains and beaches of the world.


    1. Thank yopu for your comment, and you are absolutly right. You know the old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink”. Anything we believe we can do, can be done. I try to spend less time whining, and more time producing. Go after your goals, do not let others dictate your life. At 50, I can tell you it is the only way to live. I wrote an ebook on the subject

  12. Randy, you may find this information of interest. It was suggested by a family member who is part of World Ventures to do some credible research when I said I didn’t want to get involved in World Ventures based on what I had found on the internet. So, I contacted Ernst & Young (the credible resource my family member suggested. This is E&Y’s response to me: Mar 30, 2015, 5:42 AM
    Comment: For your additional information as previously mentioned, World Ventures and its principals were not EOY winners. They were nominated and were finalists but due to matters that came to our attention regarding their conduct, the recognition as a finalist was rescinded and they were so advised and were advised to no further make such representations. It is disturbing to learn they are still making reference to this. Upon receiving the material you offered, we will be in contact with them again reminding them to discontinue such reference. This letter rescinding the award was dated July 19, 2013.

    1. Thanks again for the comments. As I stated in the other comment, I am only dealing with the facts on this. The sole purpose of the article was to determine if World Ventures is a scam or not. Legally, they are not a scam, unless they have done something to change that since I first wrote the article.
      Thanks for your input, I am sure other readers can take value from it.

  13. Hi, I am italian guy who would like to travel the world. Said that started my research if any network marketing could allow me to this. I discovered Fireflies and WorldVentures and began to doing my research for scam risks.

    I landed on this blog and found your article very useful…..but I am still sitting on a fence.

    I am starting to back the idea that when on a fence one should give the business a try. Maybe I will accept to try WV because the training seems to be very helpful.

    Have found no exhaustive information on the other company.

    Thanks again for the article

  14. Hi, I am italian guy who would like to travel the world. That said I started my research if any network marketing could allow me to this. I discovered Fireflies and WorldVentures and began to doing my research for scam risks.

    I landed on this blog and found your article very useful…..but I am still sitting on a fence.

    I am starting to back the idea that when on a fence one should give the business a try. Maybe I will accept to try WV because the training seems to be very helpful.

    Have found no exhaustive information on the other company.

    Thanks again for the article

    1. Thanks for the comment, I always say that one must find value in these types of businesses other than the business to make money. I am not sure about Italian law, but this is a legally recognized business in the US. Be careful of the fake scam busters, there are many out there, they will claim something is a scam in order to promote their own scam. The guy that had me research this is one of those people, he did not like that I found it to be legitimate, so he wrote a scam article himself. I am a trained Private Investigator, he don’t qualify for hall monitor. Thanks again for the comment, if you are in question about anything, feel free to ask.

  15. I’m a Korean. South Korea has not yet entered a ‘worldventures’. So now more anxious points . In the given information, whether written , I have to work hard and to join the company still my decision . My husband tried to join the company says people are still illegal companies. Warren Buffett has been known to have a recognized interest in the company. And now I called company reported good profitability and future development possibilities . You’re my judgment ‘s wrong to view the ‘WV’ personally ? Or it does require good choice? I do not speak English well . You can also grammar and more than or word. Please forgive me. Thank you. Have a nice day.

    1. Thanks for the comment, I am not sure about the legality of it in Korea, this article if from a US standard and it is legal. I must say the these types of businesses are not easy to sell. My advice to you is to start a blog and just sell regular products. I explain all this in my Codex of Money ebook, and I am always here to help, just ask. Thanks again

      1. Thank you for your response. This site is full of really good information . I feel more and more should be studying English and that this site appears to be a little more passionate people. You will often find by looking at reading and writing placed . Thank you once again for your answer . Be careful in hot weather health . ^^ ( South Korea yiraseo hot summer weather, leave this regards . )

      2. You are welcome, and if you have any questions about any money making program, please feel free to ask. I use to tutor English, I would tell my students to get an ebook, and use the PDF reader, it will read it to you and you can follow along, here is the link

  16. Great review. thank you.

    I joined WV about 2.5 months ago, at first was for the traveling deals. Then I looked at the compensation plan and decided to give it a try using my leisure time.

    Over the past 10 weeks, we have earned over $5,000 in cash, and i have booked a few hotels for my own business travel and saved quite a few –

    1. I booked Palazzo hotel in Las Vegas for 5 nights – I paid $825 less than the price I got from
    2. I booked Tuscana resort in Orlando for 2 nights – I saved $150 comparing to

    I am on the site comparing worldwide hotel prices almost everyday and the prices I find always surprise me. Too bad I can not post any screenshots here. otherwise I have a lot to share.

    I run a software company myself, so I evaluated WV as if I am investing a business –

    Investment Amount – Low
    Risk – Since investment amount is low, the risk is also low .
    Product / Services – I already saved money from my own trips
    Overhead – no office, no warehouse, don’t even need to create a website..
    Employees – no employees needed
    Partners – that is all you need to grow WV network.

    If you compare this to any other business, you can see the advantages.

    However, within the last 10 weeks and seen over 120 new members, I start to see why some people quit and complains about it –

    1. They don’t want to learn about it. They don’t even login to their own membership site to look up vacation packages and compare hotel prices

    2. they don’t want to share to anyone. because they don’t even learn about it.

    Well, the reality is , no matter what you do – either work for someone, be a freelancer, or start your own business, you have to learn and work hard in order for you to get compensated! you can’t sit there and hoping for the money to go directly into your pocket without doing anything. you can’t expect to be paid by your boss if you don’t go to work !

    For the past 10 weeks, what I do is that I show live search results to compare the hotel and vacation package prices so people see the real numbers from those live comparisons. Then they can decide whether they want it or not. No hard sales. Just sharing. I let the numbers talk.

    Do I love it – yes I do. and my wife and I are taking our baby for a 20 day Europe trip in November to enjoy our WV vacations.

    1. Thank you for the comment, it is extremly important to get value from any networking company. I see that you have found value in WV, thanks again for the comment

    1. Excuse me? You got on here and left a one word nasty comment, which if you had read my terms you know that is not allowed, but I am going to leave this one up (edited) because it is also clear to me that you did not read my article. I clearly state that I am not affiliated with WV, and I am not promoting WV. I am only stating the facts about WV IN THE U.S. MARKET ONLY!! I cannot speak about the laws concerning network marketing in other countries. If someone wants to invest in any business venture it is a risk. All businesses have risk no matter what it is. If you truely are a businessman, you would know that. Have a nice day!

  17. I found out about Worldventures when I was new to town and attended a church meeting. Apparently the “Quaker in Residence”. Is running his business out of the meetinghouse. I was invited to an event I was told was a Quaker singles group. It turns out to be some sort of sales rally for Worldventures. They were trying to get us to pay to join and access something called “Rovina”. Their website to book these vacations. The payment system they tried to explain did not make any sense to me. I had to get others to pay into my account to book the best rate vacations. The sales pitch was so bad that I cut alt left early. I have not given ANY money to this business nor do I want anything to do with it. It is NOT for me. I actually quit the church since this is being run out of the church meetinghouse and I was invited to the sales pitch by being told it was a church event. Not appropriate sales/Advertising methods.

    1. This is a common problem with these types of businesses. Often there are unscrupulous people promoting them. It is a shame that one would blaspheme the Lords house in that manner. Like I have said before, one must find value in these businesses beyond just a business venture. I think you did the right thing, and thank you for the comment.

      1. N.b a Quaker meeting house is not “the lord’s house”- you don’t even have to believe in God/gods to be Quaker. It’s much more sensible than that.

  18. Wow are you people serious you wanna make money to travel if you wanna make money with start up cash start your own businesses and put your name on them that’s how you write things off on your taxes there’s no product you can touch that’s a scam wake up if you pay for a donut and they tell you go get 30 pigs teach them to sing and then get a cat teach him to drive and then get a rat teach him to model don’t get mad if you didn’t get your donut that’s what you paid for remember a job pays you not the other way around if 50 people told you don’t eat at a restaurant and they wrote reviews would you et there I’m gonna end it with this show me a W2 where people not the CEOs people rel people made more then 50,000 in a year from wv and that’s proof and them post that if people were making real money they would be on camera showing us not running in there car saying no comment wake up people hard work .

    1. Larry, thanks for the comment, and you point is the reason why I tell people that they must find value in businesses like this. There are other issues involved in which I discuss in some of my other postings here Not having a physical product does not make anything a scam. This is a service, and services are marketed every day. Thank you for not using profanity, I like to be able to post all comments.

  19. A friend of mine sent me a video to WorldVentures. He said he joined 2 weeks ago. Nothing more was said. I watched the video, and went straight into defense mode, mainly because I’ve never heard of WorldVentures. I worked in travel industry in my home state of Texas for 6 yrs….I’m still continuing my research. If any info, can I see a link? I see hundreds about it “not being a scam”… that tells me, in the sales industry, it’s too good to be true. Any info is appreciated.

    1. Thanks for the comment, and I will do my best to answer your question. legally WV is not a scam, but as with all MLM companies there are some things to concider. First thing is finding value in the product, if you plan to do some traveling, then it might be for you.

      The second thing is that like all businesses, you must be able to sell the system, or travel packages. Network marketing has gotten a bad rep from unscupulous people, so selling anything tied to MLM has challenges.

      Finding value in the product I believe is the most important thing, that way if you never make a sale, you still have value.
      Thanks again for the comment, I hope that helps

  20. I believe that “World Ventures” can positively change the lives of people. You can travel to new places get to know knew people and what is more even earn money! You just do your own business while travelling, why not try that? Some people consider it to be a “scam”. I would say it’s not.

    1. It is what you make of it, just like anything. The business is legal, so it is definately not a scam, although one must be careful of who they deal with, and be sure the venture is for you.

  21. There are always pros and cons, but it is worth a deeper understanding of the issue. I came across a site that describes Multi Level Marketing” I think this is an interesting business, but many people criticize it. Wonder whether to become engaged in similar activities?

    1. The trouble with MLM is that it tends to attract the unscrpulous, and the uninformed. there are those that just want to make the sale no matter what, and those that fall for the hype. It is a business, and success is not garenteed.

  22. What a crock. This company is a total scam, and your post isn’t helping.
    These grifters haven’t been paying their reps since September of 2017. Haven’t been paying their vendors for even longer. They owe vendors at least $15 million US. Go to to see what corporate employees are saying. NO CASH ON HAND. No cash reserves. Didn’t even make the top 100 in the DSN 2018 (they were 25 in 2017). LOST 60% of their revenues in 2017. Thousands of reps leaving due to non payment of commissions, residuals and dream car/house payments. Reps getting their cars and homes repossessed, as they depended on WV as their source of income. Monthly layoffs at corporate. Numerous C level officers leaving after seeing the true financials. The China debacle that cost WV over a million reps in one day (some even went to jail) and all their monthly payments for membership and trainings. Plus a multi million dollar fine by the Chinese government (they asked to open in Mainland China, the government (which is against MLM) said no, but WV did so anyway through their Hong Kong office. When the Mainland China government found out, they immediately made a nationwide announcement that anyone in WV would be arrested within 24 hours if they did not get out of WV (not being stupid, they got out).
    Then there was the David Wood/Empower fiasco, where WV threw ALL OF THEIR OWN reps under the bus.
    The Flye card still doesn’t work, after 3 years and hundreds of millions of dollars. Thankfully the only WV reps have been able to purchase the card (which they did, and can’t use), so they have been the only ones to lose money on it.

    1. This post was written in 2013, and at the time the company was doing ok.If you read the entire article, you will realize that I am not a part of, nor am I promoting WV. My only objective was to investigate the legality of it, and if it is a scam.

      At the time, I found no problems. Also within the article I discuss, and leave links to further discussion on the problems with MLM. Thanks for your reply

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