Dave x 2 = Desparation

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Do I Smell Desperation Within the Dynamic Duo of Daves?

Here’s a little story of note.

no spam3I have a connection with a person on linkedin, whose privacy I am going to protect by not mentioning a name. This person seems really nice, but has been posting on Linkedin just short of being considered spam.

I wanted to see what it was she was promoting, so I clicked on her link. It took me to a page that was not immediately identifiable as EN, and no attribute at the bottom of the landing page.

Still being curious but also knowing were this was going, I entered my name and email. Sure enough, it took me to an Empower Network sales video. I immediately closed it out and checked my inbox. I then just deleted the email without opening it. for those of you that are not familiar with how this works, if you do not confirm the email, that is suppose to be the end of the communications.

Some time later, I received another email “reminding me” of my subscription and to take action. I then opened this one and unsubscribed. That was the end of that, or so I thought, wrong!

A few days later I received another email from “Dave”, so I opened it. It was from Dave Sharpe telling me something like “take action now, your spot is reserved” (not a quote, just the gist of the message). I opened that message and unsubscribed. All the while I am deleting these messages, but now I wish I had saved them.

On the 23rd of this month, just the other day, I received another message from Dave Wood, I saved this one. I copied and pasted below. (My comments are in bold)

Dave Wood newsletter@easyshareapp.com via infusioncampaign.com 
Nov 23 (2 days ago)

to me


We need to hear from you today!

To prevent your order from being canceled,  (what order?)
please contact us within the next 24 hours.

Access your order page here:


All the best,


3775 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027 US

If you no longer want to receive communication from us:

I opened this one and unsubscribed again, but just yesterday, another email, copied below.

Dave Wood newsletter@freecommissionsnewsletter.com via infusioncampaign.com 
1:29 AM (20 hours ago)

to me


Let’s get straight to the point.

We need to know if you want access
to your new Money Formula System!


If not, then I’ll give it to the
next person in line.

Your future depends on this and
supplies are limited.




3775 West Loop South, Houston, TX 77027 US

If you no longer want to receive communication from us:

Now I am wondering something. How did they get my email? I figure it is one of 2 things. Either the person that I originally signed up to is spamming me using template emails from the Daves; or the dynamic duo of Daves are taking a page out of their buddy Vic’s playbook and stealing leads from their members.

I just think the whole thing reeks of desperation. What do you think?

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