Trump Supporters are Uneducated Propaganda

Trump supporters are uneducated propaganda is being spread by “intellectuals” as a fact, but is it really? I will examine one such claim by Carol P. Christ and go through her rational piece by piece.

Carol P. ChristWho is Carol P. Christ?

Carol P. Christ is a teacher, a published author, and a feminist that holds a PHD in Theological studies at Yale University.

In my research, I found that Carol actually understands very little about the Bible, and the Word of God.

This article was not intended to be a lesson in Theology, but it is included as Carol has injected it into her article as a critique of Trump supporters, and plug for her books.

Bad Theology

The title of the article by Carol P. Christ is “And God Said it was So”: Donald Trump is the Spittin’ Image of Bad Theology. I find this a bit ironic coming from a person that holds a PHD in Theology, yet denounces the Word of God, and has created a theological theory of her own.

It was once said, “Want to make God laugh? Tell him your ideas and plans”

First Paragraph Tells it All

Carol starts out her article with this statement:I try very hard this election season to avoid reading about, watching, or listening to Donald Trump: the man is a liar, a cheat, a bully, a narcissist, a racist, a sexist, the list goes on. Yet even progressive commentators are talking almost exclusively about him. And now I am joining them–despite my best intentions”.

In that statement she admits to not listening to Donald Trump, and the list of things that she perceives Donald Trump to be proves that she really has not listened to anything that Mr. Trump has said.

I find the part where she calls him a bully and a narcissist very interesting. Bullies and narcissists are usually victims of abuse at a young age, and they actually have a very low self esteem. Mr.Trump was not abused that we know of, and low self esteem is definitely not something Donald Trump suffers from.

The last part of that statement explains where she has been getting her opinion, which is from the “progressive commentators”. We all know how these commentators have been twisting, spinning, and outright lying about everything Mr. Trump says.

One-Way Communication?

Next Carol goes on to quote another bigoted Donald Trump hating liberal “commentator” Patricia J. Williams whom Carol seems to admire. I will note that I read Patricia’s article, and I found it to be a bigoted “true” story about a Trump supporter she whitnessed. I found it hard to believe, embellished, or just a flat out lie.

“Freedom of expression is reduced to an arbitrary insistence upon one-way communication, a barked order. Making America “great again,” by this measure, is a command, not a hope. . . This assumption—the belief that communication flows in one direction only, that it is the role of some to speak and others only to listen—is a paradox that stifles rather than encourages debate”.

I find that statement to be a bit backwards, because the popularity of Donald Trump is the fact that he IS listening to the people. He addresses the issues that concern, and have been a concern of most Americans for at a decade and a half or so.

Patricia, and evidently Carol, believes that “Make America Great Again” is an order by Donald Trump, rather than a message of hope. To me, that is pure non-sense, and I am sure most rational thinking people would agree.

Donald Trump, (if you actually listen to him) does listen, and considers the opinions of others. He would be the first one to tell you that although he likes to have the final word, the advice, wisdom, and knowledge of others is one of his greatest assets.

Trump’s Birther Issue

Carol’s take on the “birther” issue is a bit stale, here is what she said: On recent episode of All In, Chris Hayes played a clip in which Donald Trump was asked how he felt about his insistence that Barack Obama was born in Africa now that the President’s birth in Hawaii is a matter of public record. Trump responded, “A lot of people don’t agree with you on that.” In other words the truth does not matter!

I do not watch MSNBC, they have been caught red handed in twisting the truth, editing video to support a false narrative, and outright lies. I searched for the video clip of the “recent” episode, but I did not find it. What I did find was a cut up clip of Mr. Trump’s statement that Obama was born in the USA, and Chris Hayes spinning the narrative to Mr. Trump not taking questions.

Donald Trump made it perfectly clear that it is no longer an issue, because President Obama did in fact produce a birth certificate, and is a U.S. citizen, so let’s move on to more important issues.

It is clear that this is not acceptable to those that oppose Donald Trump, and they continue to drive this issue into the mud. So YES Carol, the truth does matter to Donald Trump.

Trump Supporters are Uneducated

Carol’s take on Trump supporters being uneducated is personally offensive to me being that I am well educated, and I do support Donald Trump.

Here is what Carol had to say on this issue: Polls show that white men without a college education are Trump’s strongest supporters. Let’s be truthful here: white married women, especially those without college degrees, also support Trump. It is becoming increasingly clear (to me at least) that these men and their wives care about very little else other than the fact that Trump projects an image of white male power.

This is an offense to every hard working person in America, and it tells me that Carol thinks that these people are stupid. Just because a person does not have a college education does not mean they are stupid.

There are many examples of very smart people that have gone on to do great things and did not get a college education. There are also many examples of people that are highly educated, but have said, and done the most stupid things, case in point here.

Newsflash Carol, many of the “uneducated” working class are educated in their fields. Just because one has a trade education, or maybe just an Associate degree does not make them uneducated or stupid.

My mother was a blue collar worker and a tool and die maker for GM. She studied and worked very hard to become the very first female Journeyman Tool and Die Maker at GM, despite the opposition she faced from her male counterparts.

If she were alive today, I am sure she would be supporting Mr. Trump, and calling her stupid to her face would not be a wise thing. After all, she lifted heavy steal all day long, and would stand toe-to-toe with any man, including my father. She was also in many ways a true feminist.

The polls are just exemplifying the fact that it is the blue collar working class that makes the world go round. Can you build or fix a house, a car, mill a part, trim a tall tree, or pave a road?

Trump a Tax Cheat, and a Thief?

The next paragraph explains how Trump supporters do not care about him being a thief and a tax cheat. Warning, this next paragraph is loaded with unfounded accusations and flat out lies, but here it is:

They don’t care if he has stolen money from white working men or whether he likes Putin. They don’t care if he cheated on his taxes or if he intends to provide tax breaks for the rich. They don’t care if he sexually harasses women or raped his former wife. They don’t care if he was prosecuted by the Nixon administration for discriminating against black people. They don’t care if his wife posed nude or was an illegal immigrant. There is only one fact that matters”

I am going to break this down piece by piece.

  • “He has stolen money from white working men” I am going to assume that she is talking about the non-payment issues he has had to deal with. This is not stealing, and the claims against him are miniscule compared to the thousands that are very satisfied with their dealings with Donald Trump. Big businesses often have to deal with frivolous suits. It is a major flaw in the American Tort Law system.
  • Likes Putin; Trump has only recognized Putin for his anti-Globalist stance, and has never met him
  • “He cheated on his taxes” If Carol was referring to the leaked information about 1995, what Trump did was LEGAL, and all big corporations declare their losses.
  • He intends to provide tax breaks for the rich” another lie, here are Trumps objectives as stated on his website:
  • Reduce taxes across-the-board, especially for working and middle-income Americans.
  • Ensure the rich will pay their fair share, but no one will pay so much that it destroys jobs or undermines our ability to compete.
  • Eliminate special interest loopholes, make our business tax rate more competitive to keep jobs in America, create new opportunities and revitalize our economy.
  • Reduce the cost of childcare by allowing families to fully deduct the average cost of childcare from their taxes, including stay-at-home parents.
  • “He sexually harasses women and raped his former wife” Really? That is just plain non-sense, and unproven. Another thing, if it were true, he would be in jail, or would have massive penalties imposed. Also, the accusations have been recanted.
  • He was prosecuted by the Nixon administration for discriminating against black people” that is partially true, but Carol does not seem to care about the facts.
  • The facts are that it was Fred Trump’ Company (Trump Management), although Donald was named, he was in fact only an employee at age 27 (43 yrs. ago).
  • The case was settled with NO admission of guilt, and no monetary damages imposed. Here are the actual contents of the injunction. They were ordered to comply with advertising and recruiting requirements, develop an anti-discrimination policy with discrimination prohibition, keep records of goals and time keeping, and provide anti-discrimination training.
  • “White Males Rule the WorldHis wife posed nude and was an illegal immigrant.” Fact is that she is a model, and topless is not nude. Furthermore, this is America, and that was her choice. I guess a woman’s right to chose what she does with her body only extends to killing an unborn child. Also, she is a legal immigrant, and an American citizen.

A Sub-heading quote from Carol: “Donald Trump is white, male, and powerful, and he stands up against anyone who would challenge the right of powerful white males to rule the world”.

I find that statement to be racist and bigoted. I wonder if Carol has actually done any research on who actually does “rule the world”, and why? Donald Trump is a peasant compared to those guys, and he is actually fighting against them. That is why they hate him so much; he is a threat to their master plan of taking over the United States.

I also want to mention that Hillary Clinton is backed by these very same people, and the Saudis that have no concern for women’s rights.

Conservative Christian Trump Supporters

According to Carol; Many of Trump’s strongest supporters are conservative Christians. Journalists puzzle about this, given that Trump’s lifestyle–including partying with underage girls while married–flies in the face of the conservative Christian moral code. It has been suggested that Trump’s supporters ignore that fact that he does not share their theology. But what if he does?”

That statement is a flat out lie, and reveals the limited knowledge of Christianity by this PHD holding theologian of Yale University.

  • Fact: Trump does not party, he does not smoke, nor does he drink
  • Underage girls? That is a blatant lie, and if I were Mr. Trump, I would sue this woman for defamation of character.

The last part of that statement also suggests that conservative Christians are pedophiles. I must note here that Catholics are not Christians, and the Pope does not support Donald Trump.

The rest of the article, (3 Paragraphs) I am not going to add. This is simply because it is an attack on Christianity, and the Word of God.

Note to Carol P. Christ

I will conclude this article with a note to Carol, and the first thing I would like to address is the fact that the Bible (Word of God) was not written by a “white male”. It was written over several years by many authors that were inspired by God, and I doubt any of them were “white”.

I would suggest that she take a bit of time to learn the true meaning of God’s Word, and the specific roles of gender.

Women are a gift of God (1st Corinthians 11:9), and have a very important role in this world, for man cannot exist without the woman.

Stop hating, it is actually a self loathing brought on by bad experiences with organized religion and sexist attitudes. Sometimes we need to take a hard look at ourselves, and realize that people react to us in ways that we portray ourselves.

“Donald Trump: the man is a liar, a cheat, a bully, a narcissist, a racist, a sexist…” Take a look in the mirror Carol, your writing speaks volumes about who you are as person.

Randy Baith, Certified Christian Councelor
Randy Baith, Certified Christian Councelor

I say these things with love, because it is the last Commandment of the New Covenant brought as part of our salvation through Jesus Christ (John 13:34).

Trump supporters are uneducated? I think not, because they actually see the truth.

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