Redwood Binary Options Review/Scam

Basictech Information Services is Not affiliated with Redwood Binary Options, 888 Genuine Binary Options Broker, or Binary Profit System.

Below is a short video on how this came about, but basically these people have taken my business name and embedded it into their source code to drive traffic to their website.


Basictech Information Services is the creator of the Best Forex Strategy, along with the Thousands in Forex Video Series on YouTube, and does not endorse or affiliate with Redwood Binary Options, or the Binary Profit System, or any of its affiliates.

I cannot at this time say that the Binary Profit System is a scam, but I have seen, and reported on many of these platforms.

How Systems like Binary Profit System Work

  1. They lure you in with a flashy video, and a professional website that promises you will make a lot of money with a free software.
  2. After you sign up, you will be required to make a deposit into a “prefered broker”.
  3. Then just sit back and rake in the cash, because the robot will make consistent profits for you with winning trades.

So basically they are telling you that they have a robot that will predict the future, and suck money out of the brokerage.

If you believe that, please use the contact form below, I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale.

If you really want to make money in Forex, check out my Free Best Forex Strategy Blog. I am also going to investigate Redwood Binary Options further in the near future.

No one else has this system

winning forex strategy

One thought on “Redwood Binary Options Review/Scam

  1. i thought i should share this for people bleeding out there .i dont do binary options trading .but a friend of mine lost money for a new business .he was cheated by a binary option company for about $100k to magnum options .they kept on making promises we searched for weeks until we found they have unconventional means and they got his 100% refund back .they might be able to help you too

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