Is Donald Trump a Scammer/Fraud?

I see a lot of rhetoric across the net about Donald Trump, and Trump University being a scam. As an investigator I am going to ask “is Donald Trump a scammer or fraud?”

There is one thing for certain that we all do know, Donald Trump is a successful business man. Many use the excuse that he only made it through the money he got from daddy, but that is not entirely true.

Donald Trump has had his share of hard times along the way, and he lost that initial million dollars he borrowed from his father a long time ago, and he was also already a multimillionaire by the time he got his inheritance. Please allow me to explain this.

Donald Trump’s Financial Troubles

I am going to make this short, and to the point, but Mr. Trump took that first million dollars and turned it into multiple millions of dollars, and now he is worth billions.

He had a rough time with bankruptcy proceedings and financial troubles back in 1991 when he filed chapter 11 on the Tahj Mahal Casino. He later filed bankruptcy 2 more times; once in 2004, and again during the financial collapse in 2009.

Filing bankruptcy is not a crime, nor is it a scam. Many businesses large and small file bankruptcy. It is a way to avoid a total shutdown, and definitely does not make Donald Trump a scammer or fraud.

It was also reported that Mr.Trump lied about it when he sated that he has never went bankrupt. That was not a lie, because corporations are entities on their own.

Trump University Scandal

Trump UniversityTrump was never accused of any bad dealings until the Trump University fiasco when New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, accused Trump University of being a “bait-and-switch scheme.”

Trump was told to stop using the term “University” but ignored them at first, and then later changed the name to Trump Entrepreneurship Initiative.

According to U.S. Copyright Law, a word or phrase cannot hold an exclusive copyright unless it is part of a trademark. Then it must include another word in order to make it a trademark name.

The term “University” can be used, and is used in business names all the time  The only time that it cannot be used as a school name is if your name is Donald Trump, and you are in New York.

All joking aside, I could find no actual law pertaining to this, with the exception that New York regulations did not permit the use of the term University because T.U. was not an accredited school.

A little opinion time here, Federal Law “Trumps” State regulation, and Copyright Law is Federal Law, so it is my opinion that Mr. Trump could have won that battle. The only trouble would be that it is a civil matter, so it would hardly be worth fighting over. I am sure Mr. Trumps attorneys agree.

The Journalists are the Scammers

Quoting the CNN Money Article, which later on in my investigation I found is nothing more than a copy and paste job done by the so-called “journalists” at CNN Money. The part mentioned below in italics was copied from a legal firm that has a portion of the original complaint posted.

“Trump University was set up as a series of seminars that promised to teach students how to make money in real estate But the initial free session was little more than an “infomercial” to get students to sign up for a three-day session for $1,495″. This is according to the California lawsuit.

Trump University then used misleading, fraudulent and predatory practices to convince students to purchase the Trump University $35,000 Gold Course,” making Donald Trump a scammer or fraud.

According to the original complaint in the case, Trump University was in violation of the RICO Act (18 U.S. Code Chapter 96 – Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act).”

Donald Trump Could Testify

Donald Trump is set to appear in court sometime this summer. The Pre-Trial hearing was set for May 6, and a panel of Judges in New York with a unanimous decision bound the case over for trial.

This does not mean they think he is guilty, it only means that more evidence needs to be heard, and the case needs to be looked into further. It nis common practice in most hearings, especially when there is a good sum of money involved.

I am not an Attorney, but I am a trained Investigator and businessman. I think I know a little about the law, and it is my opinion that Donald Trump did nothing wrong with Trump University.

Trump University did nothing any other University in the nation has done, and continues to do. They bring you in for an “orientation”, then get you to sign your life away with student loans.

University Scams  

If anyone is running a scam, it is all the Universities, Tech, and Trade schools in the U.S. At least with Trump University, there was no need to get into a lifetime of debt. Selling information or courses is not illegal, and does not make Donald Trump a scammer or fraud.

There were 6 plaintiffs in the case, and from my investigation, Trump University did refund students. These complainants are seeking refunds and compensation. Can you get a refund from your college? If so, please tell me how, because I want one.

I must admit that I had a hard time researching this article. I try my best to keep things objective and present the facts, but there are a lot of “Journalists” out there that cannot abide by the same ethics that they are supposed to uphold.

In the midst of this election, there seems to be a lot of pure hateful half-truths and lies about Donald Trump from the media. They are clearly biased, and their writing reflects their true objective. In my opinion, they should resign as journalists immediately.

Donald Trump has never been convicted of a crime, and some of these “Journalists” have tried to connect him with the Mob (organized crime).

Think about this for a moment, Donald Trump is a Real Estate Developer in New York. Can anyone please tell me of one large Real Estate Developer in N.Y. that has not had to deal with the Mob?

If you belong to a Union, you also have Mob ties, because if you do not know Unions are run by the Mob, then you have been living under a rock.

None of the things above make Donald Trump a scammer or fraud. He has not done anything that any other savvy businessman would not do. The only real scam or fraud I found in my investigation was the so-called “media” and fake scam busters.

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