Financial Fitness Club Scam

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Another Illegal Pyramid Scheme Brought to You by; The Financial Fitness Club

Earn From 10K – 50K Monthly
Promoting a Program With No Monthly Fees

B.S. ALERT!!!!

I am sure somebody will, but most likely it will not be you. Watch the video below, I explain it all and how this is wrong in so many ways.

This second video is about the woman pictured, she has a lot of videos up on YouTube explaining how great this scam is. The video below actually has her stating that you are not intelligent if you do not know how great this scam is while admitting it is a scam. This video would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

Below is the original video, listen and tell me if this woman is not nuttier than a pot of boiled peanuts.

After posting this video, I decided to do a little checking to find out who this woman is.

Amy Jacobellis IS from the South, Beaumont Texas to be exact, but she sounds like a Yankee to me. That’s probably due to her Cornell University education.

She ran for Congress back in 2000, 2005, and 2012, under the Libertarian Party platform and lost with almost no votes. Although she ran as a Libertarian; her views are extreme left, so she either does not know what a Libertarian stands for, or she was trying to sneak in the back door.

Some of the things she believes includes no fence on the border, just open it up and let ’em in.

Legalizing drugs because drug laws are a way to keep minorities incarcerated thus making them lose their voting rights. Here’s an idea, don’t do drugs!! This would also help in opening up the border and letting the illegals in. Somehow this is suppose to help us by bringing in more drugs.

Amy’s belief system is so ludicrous, I can’t even write anymore of it, her rant is very long. She claims to know the Bible and the Constitution, I say she knows neither. If you are a true freedom loving American that believes in traditional values, protecting our borders, locking up drug dealers, and basic common sense, you are a bigot and a racist. (Also if you do not agree with Obama)

The purpose of this post is not to discuss Amy’s political views, but I was real curious as to were this woman was coming from. I find the hypocrisy of the liberal mindset very interesting if not disturbing. If you call me a racist and a bigot because I am “white” and happen to not agree with you, what does that make you?

With that said, here’s the real kicker, her husband is a lawyer, really? Does he know she’s scamming people? Like I said, this would be funny if it were not so pathetic.

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26 thoughts on “Financial Fitness Club Scam

  1. Please have your facts straight before you post information. This program does not advertise 10K-50K monthly! It advertises the opportunity to earn up to 50K. Says NOTHING about monthly. People… please don’t believe everything you read.

    1. Thanks for the comment, but I’m pretty sure my facts are strait being as I copied and pasted the the giant red and blue statement strait from their website. I did however check right before making this reply, and they may have taken that down, but that is were I got it and they have changed up a few times since they started.
      If you look at at some of my articles on here, you will see that I am not one of those people that has an extreme hatred for network marketing and bashes every program out there without research. I have been in many programs and have been a student of MLM since 1989. I also have a degree in criminal justice.

      My statements concerning the legality of these programs come strait from the FTC, IC3, FBI, and US Postal Inspection Service. I make reference, post quotes and links, but I guess these agencies know nothing about what they are talking about.

      Can you make money with these programs? Sure some will, but most people will lose.

      The story of my 2 Uncles? That is a true story.
      Please take the time to look over my site,

      1. Whatever man. I’m very profitable in this program. My Facebook page is littered with photos of my own proof checks. My own plus those of my team members. You can’t argue with results. Anyone who loses out didn’t put in the work. Again I take pictures of every check I’ve earned. I challenge anyone to step out there and let me prove it.

      2. I am not saying a person cannot make money with this, I am saying that it is an illegal Pyramid Scheme and of course some will make money or they would not do it, but be aware that all it takes is one dis satisfied person to complain to the FTC and if they name you, you can be prosecuted for running an illegal Pyramid Scheme. Is that likely to happen, probably not, but I hope you are saving your money because it will eventually get shut down. just so you know, I have heard that excuse many times, that people who do not succeed in these schemes are lazy. Fact is, after so much time these things lose steam because people drop out and it comes to a point that it is not sustainable. Thanks for the comment, and best of luck to you

      3. Thanks for the warning bro. If that ever happens people wouldn’t have to look far see who’s stirring the pot. Do you know any sexual positions other than missionary is illegal in most states? Oh and so is sex with the lights on. The government doesn’t prosecute those because no one cares. Same with MLMs. MLMs only help people. I have a guy on my team who is disabled but has been denied benefits several times. He made $50k+ and now has a regular source of income. You think his 3 kids care about some outdated FTC regulations? They are eating man!!!! And the Financial Fitness Club are to thank for that. So while you think this article is doing some people good, IT’S NOT

      4. I am not sure were you are getting your information about sex and the law, but those laws have been written off for many years with privacy law. State law does vary, even on this issue, but once the business is carried out of the State it becomes a Federal issue. As far as nobody caring, well their are plenty of people that care and are working hard to get rid of illegal pyramid schemes. If you will actually take the time to read my blog on this matter, you will find I am not against Direct Sales Companies. You will also see the difference between legal network marketing and pyramid schemes. As far as your associate making 50K, if the Govt. finds out, there goes his disability claim because that would be considered an income, legal or not. Working is not limited to physical labor. As far as the FTC regulation being outdated, that is just plain not true. In fact; they are working harder than ever to keep up with these things due to the advancements of the internet. They have even created new departments to handle the caseloads of fraud and internet scams. Unfortunately it is not enough and just because something is still running does not mean it is legal. We have in our country a thing called Due Process of Law, and it can be some time before something is actually shut down. You may not see it, but if I can help one person see the difference between legal and illegal business, I have done some good. I am not speaking from just an educated point of view, I am speaking from experience. This is nothing new and I was involved in some of these things back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Back when it was still running through the mail, until one day a US Marshal showed up at my door and demanded I cease and desist all activity because one of my people filed a claim. Just Google MLM scams and you will see who cares.

    2. Yes you can buy the product. P,ease go under my life k and pur base any thing you would like,e and stop talking about them until you have all the facts
      http://financial fitness
      He is not a scammer and it is legal check it out

      1. Thank you for the comment and the information. I checked your site, and yes, you have the products on sale there. At the time of writing this review Financial Fitness Club did not have these available. They have changed there strategy many times. I have made several requests to just buy the product, but no one has ever offered to sell me just an e-book. If you have looked over my site, you will see that I am not a network marketing “hater”, but I have a lot of experience and education on these things. I will be taking a second look into this, and if they are registered as legal direct sales company, I will retract all statements. They were not at the time of this review. I consider myself to be a fair person with honest reviews, so this is something I must do, but probably will not have the time til later next week. Thank you for the information, it is good to see someone out there that will actually provide information instead of just calling me names.

  2. It looks like your spending a little to much time worried about this. What makes a program a scam is if your passing around money without selling no legit product or service. Financial Fitness Club does have a product. Its mindset training, advertising tools and debt consolidation tools along with the opportunity to also sell it and make a commission of every sale. You get to use the leverage from the 5 x 5 matrix to help build a downline faster. You make money if your willing to get up off your ass and go get it done. The thing America suffers from now is stupidity, laziness and we think were better than everybody. Network marketing is what they need to start teaching in school maybe this country might be better off then

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, communication is what makes the world go round, even though you violated my posting rules. As far as me spending too much time worried about this, I don’t think so, I research, write, and move on. You will notice that I have not made anymore posting or comments on this since I posted it. The information is there, take it or leave it. Makes no difference to me.

      As far as what you define as legal or not, you are partially right, but clearly you did not read my other posts concerning the legality of MLM.

      If you had taken the time to read some of my other posts, you would see that I am not one that just judges networking marketing programs as all scams. There is a difference between a Direct Sales company and a pyramid scheme.

      Here’s the part were you violated my posting rules, but I am going to answer you. It sounds to me like you are calling me lazy and stupid. I would like to suggest that you Google my name, or business name. Lazy people do not achieve what I have achieved. As far as the rest of America? Well I must agree with you to a point. I have a blog that teaches Internet Marketing for free, but you must be willing to take action on your own. I get very few takers on this, even though I have a lot of free marketing tools and “secrets” to give away. I guess they want me to do it for them. Thanks again for the comment and I hope you have a nice day

      1. From what im reading is that you do Interent Marketing for free..nothing is free around just want people to think is a scheme so they can join you on your few takers on your interenet marketing business…you try so hard to put other business down so you will rise? really..they are right, if you just get your lazy behind off that chair and comp of yours and do something else better then sitting infront of comp and talking smack about other companies…nobody want to google a person that been negative about other business that makes your business look very bad buddy.

      2. First of all, I am not in this to promote anything, all my blogs are free and I do not even collect email addresses. The reason I do this is personal. If you will actually take the time to read my blog, I watched companies like FFC take my Uncle to financial ruin over the years with promises of riches. Third, talk about lazy, why don’t you go back to school and learn how to read and write. If you do not want to take my advise, that is fine, but I guess some people just need to learn the hard way.

  3. You can’t argue with people making money. I have been paid by this program exactly according to the comp plan explained. What part of that is a scam? This article is stupid!

    1. Fact is, some people will make money, but most will lose money. Just because someone makes money does not make it legal. I am sure the founders have made plenty of money. This is an illegal Pyramid Scheme and I have yet to have anyone provide me with documentation proving me wrong. Just the mere fact that in the first part of the compensation video states that you must recruit 5 like minded people makes it illegal. FTC rules, not mine

    1. John, Thank you for the comment and being polite. Without re-writing my other articles, I explain the difference in Is Your MLM Illegal?, and you can see were I am coming from in my post about 2 Uncles. That is a true story. Also please see the FTC Guidelines on MLM and avoiding Pyramid Schemes. As you can see throughout my blog that I do not have a problem with legal direct sales companies, FFC is not one of them because the focus is on recruiting new members, not sales of the product.
      The following is a copy of the first paragraph of the comp plan PDF Compensation Plan
      When a person decides to CHANGE their Financial Future and become a FFC Sales Affiliate,
      pay $9.95 for Business Kit (replicated business site, online store,
      banner hosting,etc…).
      The new Sales Affiliate will be placed in their sponsor’s 5 x 5 matrix.
      This new member will be ranked as a “Bronze” Affiliate, and will have their own 5 x 5 matrix, that may be filled by them,
      their upline, or downline

      This in itself makes it a Pyramid Scheme and illegal.
      please read my other posts, and if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me.
      You can also read a bout legal direct sales companies here

      1. Sales reps being placed in a matrix does make it an illegal pyramid. It’s the same as with Amway and Avon. Each sales affiliate is responsible for retailing the products but their sponsor will also receive compensation for trainer them. It’s no different

      2. Can I buy the products without joining? I have asked many people to sell me the products, but no one will without my joining. Also, I have put the challenge out there many times, if someone can prove to me that FCC is a member of the Direct Sales Association, I will remove all my posts.
        Please read about the difference between a legal Direct Sales company and a Pyramid Scheme. I realize that it can be confusing, but did you know that if you are involved in a Pyramid Scheme and someone wanted to push the issue, i.e.. a disgruntled “affiliate”, you can be prosecuted?

  4. Thanks guys. MLMs are taking over people especially in African countries. Organogold has taken shape and is rampant in East Africa

    1. The internet has really given the world some great opportunity, unfortunately it has also given the scammers great opportunity to prey on those seeking the wealth otherwise not available to them. Please spread the word as often as you can to help your fellow man avoid these scams.

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