Internet Scams

Internet Scams or Honest Marketing?

I wanted to make this post to vent some of my frustration. As an internet marketer, I am here to tell you that these online scammers really make it hard on the honest marketer just trying to earn a living.

As a person with a formal education in communications and marketing, most of the people I am about to speak of have no clue as to what a real marketer does and how he does it.

First off, there is a certain amount of ethics and law involved. Most of what I see by these amateurs is either unethical, illegal, or both.

I speak of the FTC in this blog and how the only way to stop scammers is to report them, but it seems to me that the FTC is attacking the honest people and giving internet scams a pass. (This is only my opinion due to the recent rule changes making it even harder for the honest marketer to survive, remember, I am venting here).

Google is no help either; recently they came out with the new Penguin, Panda, and Hummingbird algorithms. These are a step in the right direction, but Google also owns YouTube. They give high authority to videos no matter the content, but highly scrutinize articles and blog posts.

With the economy stagnant at best, more and more people are looking for ways to either supplement existing income, or trying to create an income. These scammers are playing on peoples insecurities and hopes for a better future.

I think taking advantage of people in this way is just out-right dirty, and rotten. These people should be locked up for life, because they are taking food out of the children’s mouths of their victims.

One of the most frustrating things for me is that I am finding it extremely difficult to keep up with these scammers. Although I do have some things on this site that are for sale, I am not making a living doing this. I wanted to make that perfectly clear because I have seen many times people will get on a scam buster site and put the author down because he has his site monetized.

I am here to tell you that websites cost money, not to mention the time put into trying to expose these scammers. I often spend hours doing research, and sometimes have to pay for information.

This leads me to my next point, be wary of this if you do not already know. There are a lot of unscrupulous people out there (especially on YouTube) claiming product X is a scam, so buy my scam.

I have seen many of these people search YouTube looking for similar or related products, make a video claiming to be reviewing it, call it a scam and promote their own scam.

Please leave your question or comment below for more information on Internet Scams, and how you can avoid them. I answer all comments that are made within the posting guidlines for this site.

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