Empower Network “Wussie” Review

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Empower Network Review

Are You a Wussie?

downloadThere seems to be a lot of controversy over whether or not Empower Network is a scam or not, but before I go into this Empower Network Review; I need to make something perfectly clear;

I am not an EN affiliate and I am not writing this to claim scam for promotion of my own product, or any other program. I am writing this from an Investigative Journalist standpoint.

Anyone that gets into EN does so willingly, and there is no theft involved, but that is not the purpose of this post. The purpose of this article is to examine why people fall for this scheme.

I am not going to get into some long drawn out explanation on how this program works. If you are reading this, I am sure you know the basics already. If not, please see the video below, Ethan Vanderbuilt explains it really well.

Let me ask you something, for instance. Somebody comes up to you outside of the internet and says, “hey man, I have this great business opportunity where you could make $7,385.00 a month, and you only have to work a couple hours a day”.

Most likely your first reaction is going to be; okay, “what is it, what do I have to do? And is it legal” Right?

Now they say to you, well I will tell you all about it, but first you need to give me your name, address, phone number, email address, and 25 bucks. If you don’t, you are a “wussie” and a loser. What would you say to that person? I think I would be safe in saying that most of us would tell that person to go take a long jump off a short pier, so why would anyone do this over the internet?

I have an education in psychology, and communications, so let me explain something to you. What they are doing is sorting out the thinkers from the feelers. What I mean by this is that there are two types of consumers in this world, those that purchase things on the basis of need and practicality (thinkers), and those that purchase things on impulse (feelings).

Marketers love feelers, they are the most targeted market psychographically. It is the whole reason behind junk food placement at the checkout. They are also most likely to buy the up-sells.

The 25 bucks a person pays to get in so they are not a “wussie” is nothing. All they did was reaffirm the personality type of the purchaser. It is why these people get so emotional when someone writes a bad Empower Network review.

In my research, I have read a lot of reviews and comments; some have actually made threats to the person writing the review, and foul language is the norm.

Some of the people promoting EN have really taken it to new levels. There is one guy (I won’t mention his name), that is the Mastermind of a Big Idea. He is not using his real name and was convicted of fraud a few years back.

Basically, this guy gets people to pay him to get into EN. I saw a new advertisement he has out now and on the sales page he claims to teach “the psychology of conversions”. What does that mean?

There are some other issues I will not go into because they cannot be proven, but I will say this, he promotes his program as free and there is nothing free about it. That is a fact, because I signed up to see what it was about, and the only thing that was free was the gauntlet of sales pitches and videos to convince you that he is going to make you rich.

I already stated that Empower Network was technically not a scam, but it is my personal opinion that their business is a pyramid scheme. Their business model is exactly the type the FTC warns about. Please read my article; Is Your MLM Illegal?

Anyone that requires you sign up and or pay to get into something before they give you the details is looking for a certain type of person. There is a term for those people, but my ethics will not allow me to say it, and it is not their fault. It is just the way they are “wired”.

In conclusion of this Empower Network review, I can honestly say that it is not a scam, but it may not be for everyone, and you definatly are not a wussie if you do not join.


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8 thoughts on “Empower Network “Wussie” Review

    1. Thanks for the comment Ethan. Just for the record, I noted that EN is not “technically” a scam for the reason of the purchase of the blog. These people know what they are buying and agree to the terms. If they do not read the terms, well that is on them. It is when they sign up for the affiliate program as to were it becomes a pyramid scheme.

      Here’s the other thing, due to my profession, I must be real careful as to the things I say. I struggle sometimes to not let my emotions control my thoughts and writing. My personal opinion, yes it is a scam.

  1. Thanks so much for the insight. This is one I see plastered everywhere and I’ve always been super suspicious of it. You said it best when you wrote about people trying to get you to pay to get into something before they ever even really explain to you what you’ll be doing.

    1. You are welcome, here’s an update for you. Recently EN has applied to the DSA (Direct Seller’s Association), What this means is they are trying to get recognized as a legitimate business. The approval process takes 1 year, so by this time next year we will know. In the meantime, I personally do not recommend them for two reasons
      1) They are selling things that anyone can learn or get for free
      2) They are teaching spam tactics and psychological selling (bullying)

      You are a “wussie” if you do not get all in, meaning that unless you give them hundreds to thousands of dollars, you are a “wussie” This came out of Dave Woods own mouth, in a video I watched about the compensation plan.
      Have a Happy Holiday, and if you want to know what they are teaching, please feel free to contact me

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