I am posting Internet scam sites as I find them. As a P.I., I think it is necessary for me to expose these scammers as part of my obligation the public. As an internet marketer, These thieves just disgust me and make it hard on those of us trying to earn an honest living.

Update, I noted in the videos that I was not sure about Google Sniper, so I did some research. Google Sniper was a good product. Notice I said “was”, it is now outdated. One of the things I have noticed is that with the recent algorithm changes Google has made, not only are these tools of the past outdated, they can actually hurt your business.

A lot of the Gurus want to ignore these changes and stick to selling the same old programs and ideas to newbies. Don’t fall victim to that, and don’t pay anyone to get into surveys. They are free and if you Google surveys, there are plenty of places to sign up. Personally, I recommend you stay away from them, but that is a scam for another day.

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