Basictech News Posting Rules

This blog is open to posting links with your comments, but there are some terms that apply

1) All comments will be moderated and approved before showing up on this site

2) Comments disagreeing with any of my posts will be approved as long as they do not violate rule #3 and #4

3) NO FOUL LANGUAGE, Any comments containing foul language or threats will not be approved

4) No spam, any comment not containing some sort of reasonable attribute to the subject will be refused. Example; Great post!! go here

5) Your comment must make sense, no gibberish or rude remarks

6) The site you provide your link to must be a website or blog that you operate, NO Affiliate links

7) Your site must be a quality site and include main content as well as sub content. I am a page rater and although I do not expect your site to be perfect, it must not be all advertisement, spammy, or contain nonsensical content. If you need help with your site, please indicate that in your comment, and I would be happy to assist you

8) These rules are put into place to build a good community of intelligent conversation for all

2 thoughts on “Basictech News Posting Rules

  1. Thanks for the info. I’m a new member and rep of world ventures. Haven’t done anything yet. It cracks me up when people call it a scam because they didn’t make money. Or use the companies income disclosure statement to “prove” it’s a scam. My analogy. Go to gym in January and it’s packed with people who made their New Years resolution to get in shape. Come February most have quit. Is it the gyms fault? Anyone who joins world ventures needs to watch the training videos. The biggest mistake is to try to sell world ventures. Just show it. If you have to convince someone to buy it then they will think they have to convince others and no one likes to sell.

    1. Thanks for the comment Chris, your are absolutely right. Most people do not realize that a direct sales business is just like any other and the failure rate is the same as any other brick and mortar store. The reality is that not everyone is cut out to be a business person or salesman. The key to success in any direct sales business has a couple of elements. First off, it must have a product that you trust, believe in and actually use. Next is you must have fun with it, be patient and enjoy yourself. If people seeing you having a good time while making money with a good product, they are likely to join you. Even if it is just buying the product. Check out my eBook, The Codex of Money, it is only 2.49 and has two books in it.

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