Sanctuary Cities Drugs and Crime Columbus Ohio

I am addressing Sanctuary Cities Drugs and Crime Columbus Ohio, however, it is a huge problem in many American cities.

There seems to be a lot of finger pointing going on, but no one is addressing the real issue. That is drugs, and the city officials all over the nation that are complicit and facilitating the problem for political gain.

Sanctuary Cities Drugs and Crime Columbus Ohio

I am subscribed to a platform called NextDoor. If you are not familiar with this app, it is a community app to share things about the community you live in.

In this discussion, someone is taking about having a couple of bikes stolen from their fenced in back yard. You can view the original thread here.

Below is my post, and I address the issues pertaining to the comments made on this thread. I am not posting the comments, you can go to the original thread to read them if you wish.

No one is talking about the real problem, and that is the drugs.

People that steal things out of your yard are not posting them on line. They are looking for a quick buck to get their next fix. I am not talking about weed here, heroin and crack are the issues.

They are also not selling your things to the pawn shops. The only way your things will end up on line, or in the Pawn Shop is if the drug dealer is selling it there. Drug dealers only take things they can get rid of fast, so they will only take things they can move quick.

About the guy in the Church parking lot. Maybe he has permission. People that are up to no good do not hang out in one spot too long. He could just be having a hard time. Someone should ask him, or talk to the Church before calling the law.

Addressing Sanctuary Cities Drugs and Crime Columbus Ohio

trap housePeople need to get together and confront the city counsels about addressing the drug problem, and educate yourselves on how to spot a “trap house”. These people need to get the message that drugs will not be tolerated in your communities.

Next, vote out the City Mayors and others that have turned the Columbus Ohio communities into sanctuary cities. This is a breach of contract according to the oath of office they took under Constitutional Law.

Unfortunately it is Tort law, and will take a lawsuit to make it stop. If you think the Cartels are only in the south and western states, think again. They thrive in sanctuary cities all over the U.S.

These city leaders have tied the hands of the Police in many ways. The jails are over crowded, and our courts have “turnstiles”. Wake up people, because this is only going to get worse.

Lock your things up, and cameras are always a good idea. Be aware of your surroundings, communicate with your local Police officer on patrol, and not just when you have an issue. They are people too, with families and a job to do, letting them know that you appreciate them goes a long way.

That is my rant on Sanctuary Cities Drugs and Crime Columbus Ohio please feel free to leave a comment below

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