Paul Davis Reviews/Complaints Columbus

This post is an honest assessment of Paul Davis Reviews/Complaints Columbus. (Video below)

Paul Davis is a franchise with locations spread out across the nation. This article is about the Paul Davis franchise in Columbus Ohio, and does not represent any other Paul Davis Restoration franchise.

As most that follow me know I am a trained investigator, and company audits are part of my business, and I am certified. (Basictech Information Services).

Unfortunately there’s just not enough money in it to make a full time income, so I must from time to time revert back to my old skill set as a carpenter (25+yrs.).

I recently had to revert back to my old job and take a trim job with Paul Davis, hence this article.

 Paul Davis Reviews/Complaints Columbus

It is not my intention to make this review about me, or my experience, although I will explain it at the end of this post. I am however going to state that they did not pay me.

It is excuse after excuse, delays, nit-picking my work to death, and blaming the customer for a full month, they still have not paid me.

I also only agreed to do the job at about 65% of what the job was worth. I just needed the work, and the job should have only taken a few days to complete.

First off, I am blaming myself for not doing this research prior to accepting the work, but when you are in a big warehouse office signing a 1099 and providing all the legal documentation for work, who thinks about the possibility of not getting paid?

With that said, on to what I have learned and the Paul Davis Reviews/Complaints Columbus article.

Here are a few reviews I have found noted in the video below, and I will say, there are not many good ones.

The transcripts of the actual complaints are below the video.

Please note that I copied them as written, I did not correct spelling, grammar, or format errors.


they should go out of business to help everyone out from the BS they put their clients through Link

Horrible, Horrible company especially is Adam is still in charge. Used this company after a house fire and my insurance company reccommended, Ended up having to fire them because they did not finish and did not show up for repairs when they were scheduled for. Came home to my new screen door only to find that it was installed upside down and they had the nerve to say that I asked them to do that. Do not use this company. Run away fast. Link

We had a house fire three months ago. No plumbing, electrical, air or heat. Someone tore down all our curtains and stomped on them and then used the bathroom and locked the door to prevent us from finding out. This place is a joke Link

“Ughhh!” That’s unfortunately what I feel when I think of Paul Davis. I literally want to pull my hair out. Thousands of dollars in, 3 months later (which a project that I was told would only take 1-2 weeks), excuse after excuse for poor delivery and not showing up, workers blaming each other for their own mistakes, horrible communication (I had to chase down project managers every week for updates to know when someone would be coming out to work on the project), absolute amateur work at best, etc the list can go on.

Listen, I rarely ever write poor reviews. I believe reviews should be for when a company goes out of their way to deliver a quality product. But after dealing with these guys, I REALLY had to think about how I needed to write this review and warn other consumers. On one hand, I thought maybe they were just going through a rough patch and needed better management, but the experience kept getting WORSE as it went on. It’s like they didn’t even care how horrible of a job they were delivering. Not once did they even apologize! For any of this! If they would’ve even apologized instead of blaming their manager or co-worker, it would at least helped the situation instead of making my experience with them more unbearable.

Paul Davis, you guys need to get your act together. This project was an embarrassment. I had to hire another contractor to finish the shoddy job they did because I was done dealing with their unwilling approach. Link


There are other “Likes” on the page, yet they have no review. I cannot prove this, but it tells me that it is damage control giving them a 4.0 on Facebook.

This company and the owner practice a very unprofessional business. It was a terrible experience and I am still dealing with the actions of this company today to correct the actions of this business. This one is a bit wordy, you can the rest of it here

There are a total of 5 complaints on the BBB site, most are quite lengthy, so here is the link if you wish to read them.

Angies list has 2 reviews and both have an “F” rating, you can read them here

Final verdict of Paul Davis Reviews/Complaints Columbus is that one must use caution when using this company, and if your insurance company tries to tell you that you must use Paul Davis, hire an Attorney.


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